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Still Writing

Man, I can still write songs. I've got a new one called "Freewill" that I just am finishing for a friends wedding, plus one called "It's a Good Life", that is a rocker. Top that off with "Nashville", "John Lennon's Glasses"... I can't give up yet!

Americana Fest

I'm off to Nashville in September for the Americana Music Festival and Conference. I am nervous and excited. I will be making contacts that just are not possible to make in Arcadia. My hope is to have a great experience. I'll keep posting updates!

"Wrinkles In Rhyme" new release

After about 5 years I finally finished my lastest collection of original songs! They are all here, on the Reverbnation page. Or you can send me a message and you can order your own signed copy right from me!

Gordon Mac Martin Blog

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JoeNell Bennett  (almost 4 years ago)

AMEN! Bliss 'n Happiness