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What people says about my song ARGENTINA!

“Very intriguing beginning! The sound effects were pretty cool to be exact. Once the song hit the 18 second mark this song totally changed moods. It started out with a dark related mood and then it became a dark but more definitive mood. When the song first began it was hard to tell why the artist made the song "dark" but as time rolled on it became easier to see why it was done. The fact that this song was instrumental was also a very nice surprise. The instrument choices were great ones. The "classic" way the guitar and drums were played was very nice. The softness and smoothness of the instruments also proved to be VERY HELPFUL!”

“I believe this is a great song. The instrumentation is futuristic and it is evocative as well as acoustic; the tone presents perfectly. Thematically the song has a passionate, active variety that the crisp tempo matches. The production of the composition was compelling and the melody's diversity is meditative. The tune is compellingly good. It was both reckless and hectic with its beautifully solid structure. This song has a lush magic to it.”

“although this soundtrack is super slow, its likable, it changes from instruments making me here a lot of different notes. the piano, drums, but wait! close to the end there is a crazy beast guitar solo!!!!! wow that part is what made this whole soundtrack just perfect. I love it.”

“there`s a nice and easy blend to this song. the music is light and free, very alluring and genuine. the sway of the instruments gives this song a compelling sound. a mix that has shape and substance to it. a creative mix. there`s a very strong presence in this music, it has a quality to it that is becoming, it brings a gentle and idela calm. attractive and professionally done”

“Oh this is my jam, this is my jam, intro sounds mysteriously interesting to listen, with the whole instrumental piano drums flow as how they supposed to be for this kind of song, tempo is kinda too slow, i know this is a sad song, but still it could be a little bit faster, its a very harmonious song with a spiced hook, but the problem is that it is too long, and there are no vocals, which makes this song not as fun to listen, but overall for a sad song its pretty good”

“Wow!! The vibe created at the beginning is so awesome. It 's so smooth and relaxing. Makes the listener feel as if they are floating in space. The octaves on guitar and atmospheric synth are great and contribute so much to this vibe. The one thing i love about this song is the open space. I love how the drummer switches to the ride when the progression changes to slightly change the feel of the song. Guitarist is clearly skilled, but isn't just showing off skill. His solo is tasteful and full of emotion. Not having lyrics and vocals helps create this spacious. The distorted guitar solo just blew me away completely. I've never heard anything like this; I can feel the emotion the guitarist is putting into his solo. This song definitely has hit potential.”