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Good Things - Interviews - Press

I'm sitting here this morning after a very good hectic week. The sun is shining bright and early this Saturday morning here in Nashville......and it is really gorgeous. We've had an exciting week! Our big night at Pick's last Saturday 1/22 was a big success. We've already agreed to do another one and will be finalizing details a little ways out.....We finally started getting some reviews on our latest album "Nuthin'..." and so far, all have been over the top great! We loaded up some of it on our press widget so check it out to see what the music press has to say about us. We have an interview today that should come out in the March issue of one of Nashville's music publications and also found out 1 of our songs "I've Been Thinkin' " made it to the finals of The Alternate Root's Valentine compilation CD. Fans can vote on it once every 24 hours now through 2/4.....we seem to be holding our on. Traffic on our web sites has picked up substantially and we're trying to maintain energy and focus. We're still writing steady (Thank you Lord) and Fran and I penned a good co-write just a couple of days ago. We will also be attending the Folk Conference in Memphis come mid February. We have 7 gorilla showcases (short 20 - 30 minute sets) booked so far and counting. This is the biggest Folk conference of it's kind and we hope to make many new friends and learn much about the industry while attending. Our thanks to Laurie McClain and Charlie Chadwick who encouraged us to attend this year.....I think it's going to help us big time.THANKS so much to anyone out there that has supported us in any way....coming to the shows, buying our music, sending nice messages on our sites, joining our mailing list, etc......For the first time I think I can say we have fans......besides those directly related to us....and that's BIG! Jay and Fran www.bedhedandblondy.com

William "Billy" Ramirez
William "Billy" Ramirez  (over 7 years ago)


French toast, coffe, and recording

While Fran is cooking some French toast and turkey bacon this morning, I'll list a few quick facts about our new album NUTHIN'.....

We tracked for 10 hours We mixed and mastered for 11 hours We got 9 songs done but decided to release band version of Connection later We recorded at OGM Studio in Bellevue, Engineered by Charlie Chadwick All songs written by Jay Studdard or Fran Jackson/Jay Studdard Yesterday I put the lyrics up to all the songs on ReverbNation We've been playing with The Sleepwalkers for about 6 months....but with Billy Ramirez for about a year

Turkey bacon awaits......Later Jay (and Fran)


.....all these freakin' web sites....

Does it piss anyone else off that all these web sites are constantly changing? It's a pain in the ass just to keep all this crap updated....or switch it over.....or adapt to the new formats....or whatever the crap it is that you have to do to keep all these things going......just sayin'.....leave something alone for a little while so we can actually get used to using it...you SOBs.....Dammit! This goes for Facebook, ReverbNation, Myspace, and every other freakin' site that has to change for change sake. Get your programmers outside in the sunlight for a change........I'm sure they haven't been out of their programming caves for months.....give me a break.....

...laying down tracks...

We've pretty much finished tracking for the 2nd CD (haven't decided on a name yet).....we'll get 7 to 9 songs out of these sessions I think....may try a couple of quickies when we go back to do some mixing next week.....listening to some of the first mixes now......making notes to push, pull, and scrap stuff....you know how it is. I feel like we did good for 10 or 11 hours of actual recording time.....plenty of first takes. The first CD "Somewhere in Memphis" was only 2-3 guitar tracks and 2-3 vocal tracks as Fran and I did most of it in my apartment.....no bass or percussion.....a very sparse affair. This will present what we're developing with The Sleepwalkers (Austin Skinner - guitars/vox, Dave Mohr- bass, and Billy Ramirez - percussion). Although not a true "live" recording, we didn't build on rhythm tracks but played as we do live and recorded the songs and then went back and added the main vocal keeper if the scratch vocal wasn't good enough.....added background vocals.....and finally Austin would add a lead break and fills. It went pretty quick....We can't always get exactly what we want.......but we got what we need. Jay (and Fran...Bedhed and Blondy)

........better late than never

There was a little mix up and we had to push our studio time back to Oct 4 - 6.....wrote a new one today that Fran said we need to put on the EP.....maybe it was meant to be.....looking forward to a new CD soon...... ;)

.....going in to so some recording...

We're hitting the studio to do some live recording in a week or so to capture some of the feel of our live performances with The Sleepwalkers. The Sleepwalkers are (most of the time anyway) Austin Skinner on guitars/backing vocals, Billy Ramirez on percussion, and Dave Mohr on bass/guitars. We switch it up depending on schedules but this is the primary backing group......we're looking forward to it and will hopefully get 5 or 6 cuts out of our session. We need a new CD that better captures what we're doing now. Hopefully we'll have new songs to post in a couple or 3 weeks.....stay tuned...Jay (and Fran....Bedhed and Blondy)


....here lately we've come up with a Blugrassy instrumental, drop D country blues, a punkish number, and a straight up rock tune. Lyrics usually come fairly easy to me but it's been more challenging lately. Writing a lot though.....I'm not complaining.....we do some live recording in September. Austin, bring your ass back from TX!

Brown's Diner and other stuff

We're playing Brown's Diner tonight....it's been around forever and all the old school players have gigged there at one time or another I'm told. We always have a good time there....it's laid back and Rocko is loud and kind of crazy....just the kind of place me and my friends would go to to hang out when we weren't trying to score chicks back in the day. Last time we played, good friend Kevin So stopped in for a little jamming.....dudes got the social networking thing down. He made a few calls and the place was happening in no time. Tonight we're opening for Kevin Ball and The Busters so there'll be some good blues happening after we do our Americana rock-n-roll thing. We're minus Austin Skinner (we'll miss you, your slide, and your 3rd harmony bro) tonight as he's visiting family in TX but we'll move Dave Mohr over to the 2nd guitar slot and have at it. It's nice to have flexibility in this band. Bedhed and Blondy and The Sleepwalkers are doing alright....Nashville is our kind of town.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee... wow is this a tough town! Making a name for yourself, getting people interested in what you do... harder here than anywhere else. We're just small fish in a huge pond of other fish who are trying to do exactly what we're trying to do. And for as many tired fish (you know... the ones who'll eventually decide to give up and stop swimming) as there are here in Nashville, there are just as many,if not more, new fish who are always jumping into the pond to give it a go in this crazy town. Nashville is home, we love it, but it's sho nuff tough stuff trying to get noticed! But we're up for the challenge. If it takes thick skin, we've got it! So bring it on Nashville!