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Nominated for a Independant Music Award 2012

I am proud to announce that the song " I wish I Was in Glasgow" from my Cd " Under a Leaden Sky" has been nominated for best A Cappella in the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards. (I wish I was in Glasgow -music and lyrics by Billy Connolly)


Vox Pop Fan Voting Poll Opens

In addition to industry-determined Winners, music fans from around the world have until Friday, July 19, 2013 to cast their votes at The IMA Vox Pop Jukebox to determine the fan-selected IMA Winners.

The Independent Music Award Winners will be promoted to nearly 1 Billion music fans worldwide.

Details and complete list of Nominees and Judges available at: TheIndependentMusicAwards.com

You can do your part to help me! please sign up to vote. This is a big deal to be nominated in this prestigious awards program. A panel of judges determines a winner from the nominees, but you the public and the fans get to choose who you deem worthy of your vote. I am asking for your vote! please tell your friends, family and co-workers to vote for me. I am excited beyond words about this nomination! the caliber of the artists who are nominated in all the categories is very high, and I am honored to be included among them.


Many thanks, Peter Daldry


Upcoming gigs and Christmas!

Just played a great gig for the Caledonian Club of Sacramento for their Tartan Ball. Many thanks to all involved in having me play there, it was a blast and I hope to see you again soon. Have a Xmas show coming up on 21st of December @ Angelica's Bistro in Redwood City CA. and then jetting off to Scotland to see family and freinds for the festive season. It will be my first Xmas back in seven years! looking forward to promoting my new cd "Under A Leaden Sky" for the folks back home.

A New CD " Under A Leaden Sky "

Its about timeI updated this blog and got some fans! very pleased to announce that I have just completed a new recording! it's been sent out for replication and should be ready mid August. I am so pleased at how this project turned out, the muscianship is stellar and my goal was to record more of my own material as well as some well known trad songs. I have eight of my own compositions on this cd, one cover and four trad songs in my own inimitable fashion. Can't wait to let people hear this also very much looking forward to performing the new material at the La Grande Celtic Festival in Eastern Oregon on 26th and 27th of August and then Labor day weekend singing as guest vocalist with the wonderful Celtic folk band Molly's Revenge @ Caledonian Club of San Francisco Scottish Highland Games, Pleasanton CA

San Diego Folk Heritage

Hi there! I am looking forward to travelling down to San Diego for the gig in Encinitas. My first time playing for the Folk Heritage concert series, it will be fun. I have been working on adding some new material to the set list, and excited at the prospect of playing these songs. Also working on material for a new cd, tons of ideas for that and maybe a few surprises!

Pleasanton, Caledonian Club Scottish Games and Gathering

Had an enjoyable time at the 145th Games and Gathering. I was announcing at the Grandstand saturday and sunday of Labor day weekend as well as playing some music at the Red Lion Pub stage. A big thankyou to the people who made it to the pub to listen to me. I would have liked to have played a few more sets, but with the announcing duties that was not possible, hopefully I will be playing at a better stage with more people traffic next year. Would be nice to sell a few more cds! it was great to talk and meet with friends. The U.S. Marine Band San Diego were a blast as was the L.A. Scots Pipe band, these guys should make a cd together, it would be brilliant. Cheers! until next time, Peter.