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AVANT DUEL will be appearing @ Broadway & Houston Street (SW corner) on Friday, June 21st - 7:30 - 8:30 PM as part of the Make Music New York all day event throughout the five boroughs of NYC!

Album of the Month - March Issue, MusicTech Magazine

AVANT DUEL's BEYOND HUMAN album is Album of the Month in the March Issue of U.K. MusicTech Magazine!


After the better part of a year's worth of editing and creating some very special, Special FX, the 'Parallel Universe' video is now up @ www.youtube.com/avantduel Beyond Human dimensions, displaying a multiplicitude of realities where cognitive dissonance rules and there are NO RULES!


A New Start from whatever has been holding you down in the past. This song was hidden on an old computer and it's a miracle that we were able to give it a New Start!


The album is finally out, as of March 10, 2012. It is available on our site - www.avantduel.com as well as iTunes, Amazon & elsewhere. There are even a limited number of CDs available for purchase - just show up at our next performance, 8PM on Friday, June 8th @ the Max's Kansas City Reunion @ The Bowery Electric 327 Bowery, NYC.


Indeed, it is AVANT DUEL playing your favorite Cosmic Sounds & mixing it up so you can hear those 'alien' voices inside your head. Just posted a brand new mix. Just noticed that I got an invite to a club in Brooklyn, Zebulon, promoted by ESP Disk Records & Avant Ghetto?!? Apparently this 'Avant Ghetto' is a blog promoting 'cosmic' music (Kosmicsche) @ Zebulon. It was as if I had crossed into the 'Parallel Universe' & found others already there, but there are only 36 followers of the blog. Once we play @ The Delancey - next month (TWO WEEKS)! - on September 10th, there will be a revelation as to what AVANT DUEL is made up of - two of the greatest relatively unknown powers in the music industry, playing truly 'unheard øf' music. This is not braggadocio - this is the sound we create - like no other. There are other duos - there are purveyors of 'Kosmische' music - there is everything else out there (it all sounds the same)! Then, you listen to AVANT DUEL & visit the site (up soon) which will be a compelling array of the Visions of Sound. For now, settle for the ReverbNation.com/avantduel site for FREE downloads & visual masterpieces. Coming next - a new mix (like a new song) of 'Cosmic Interception' & our first new video that will demand replays!


This will be a 'Behind' the scene look into what makes AVANT DUEL in the forefront of music, art, video, philosophy & cosmic technology. Each member of AVANT DUEL will use this Blog to discuss whatever is on our minds at any particular moment, time allowing. We want to share whatever we can, when we can. As this is my first entry, I must say I am humbled by what my collaborator put together with my assistance in a few amazing hours yesterday in our studio facility. He single handedly played the entire song, starting with two incredible guitar tracks, then following that with some of the most explosive drumming (not too many of VON LMO's fans are aware that he is a reverse trappologist) & a vocal that says it all, cementing it with some hot Trillian bass lines. The song will be placed on our site shortly for FREE download & streaming for all. The title is TURN OFF THE GRAVITY - a concept that will take you out there where you have never been, all in a mere 3:30. Enjoy!