Albums - The Soundtracks of My Various Lives

As of today, Saturday March 29th 2014, I have realized my true self has been documented since 1998. My god given character has been recorded in various cities of the United States since I was 21 years old. When I lost my first love and really had a drink to numb the thought. When I discovered death was a part of life and inevitable. When I learned how to truly forget all things and let the joy of now happen if only for a night. When a work of art destroyed my meager opinion and rebuilt my thoughts on beauty. When god became bigger than words could describe or tell me what to think about religion. When love expanded to overwhelming vulnerability and nothing was more important than the reason. When my frustration as an artist made me start to write more honestly in the song lyrics. When my sanity was pushed outward and ultimately retrieved inward. When I saw age in my smile and gave a bigger smile. When a band or artist showed up on the radio and kicked my ass up and down the path, amazingly evolving me forward like a miracle drug discovered. A million moments of life individually bundled up into this eternal energy that has been recorded since 1998. That is what is being displayed here in the form of sound waves. My influences are apparent and sometimes too revealing but the most of this ongoing discography that I display here is authentic Ryan David Winkle aka Deacon. Jumping from instrument to instrument since 7 years old has made me an egotistical yet musical beast begging for band members that kick my ass on their instruments. I wish to sing forever and wish precise and massive harmonies behind the lead vocal. The dream is real and never more alive so with all the madness stated here at 36 years old, I welcome your ears to my progression as a musician, artist and human being from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Enjoy, skip, search and find the song I wrote and recorded for you. I promise it is in that jukebox my love. You find that one and the strangers around it will reveal themselves as an entire collection made for you - Deacon

New album "Pirate Radio"

Deacon's new album "Pirate Radio" explodes out of Nashville.

Soon available on itunes.

If you live in Nashville, buy it this Tuesday at Grimey's!

Update and Hello


So,an update is due. Today is 11-5-07

I'm hoping to release my new album by Christmas. I'm waiting for a monitor room to be built so we can master this funky ass pop album. Once mastered, "Midnight Soul Exchange" will be first available at music stores in Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Fayetteville AR and Tulsa OK. It will also be available on Itunes and directly from my tiny record company via Snocap. A college tour has been considered for 2008 in support of the new album.

Outside of preparing for the new album, Ive been playing with Dumb Angel in Nashville. Dumb Angel will be hitting Fayetteville AR and Tulsa OK very soon!

Go to itunes and sample tracks from Deacon Presents The Singles Volume Two(2007) and Deacon Presents The First Singles(2006)

Until next time! - Deacon