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Black Water posted

As promised, the debut single from Luxx, Black Water, has been posted to Facebook and ReverbNation. It will also be available for digital download from most major distributors including iTunes within eight weeks. But, for those of you who want to get the tune early (and cheaper!), watch for it in our ReverbNation store as a download for only $.99!

The interesting thing about this song is the topic, and quite literally, it was written in about twenty minutes. As soon as we found out what it was about, it was clear that this song, which we would use as the band's debut, would also be the band's debut into charity work of sorts. Because it was written about the Gulf oil spill (the worst oil spill in US history), we decided that it would be fitting to donate all net proceeds to charities working on the cleanup.

After some due diligence, we decided on two charities focusing extensive efforts to clean up the Gulf coastline, and help save the wildlife affected by the disaster. Those are the National Wildlife Federation (http://www.nwf.org/) and the National Audubon Society (http://www.audubon.org/).

Though we are a small regional band in California, we hope to gain enough followers and sell enough downloads to actually make a small difference. That said, we invite you to listen to the tune, and if you like it, please consider purchasing the download and by doing so, help in the cleanup efforts!

Thank you so much, and blessings to you.

Scott Drummer for Luxx