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Been a while...

It's been a while, but I'm trying to get back on here and fix my internet presence, as I've noticed that a few facts and info-bits are EXTREMELY outdated or just simply not true. Yes, I WAS a country singer, but now I'm back to doing what I've always done, which is sing EVERYTHING. I enjoy doing vocal demo work for all types of clients and have my own funk-rock-pop band called Judd Hall. They've got a profile on here, too, you should check out. Also, I am Un-signed, Un-managed, and Un-worried about it. Music is my boss. Thanks for reading. Love. -J.

Rambo: First Blog

THis is my first blog since Myspace. I love blogging. A little about myself, or moreover, the representations of myself assembled in this profile:

I'm a singer/songwriter (a term I used to loathe, but have quite recently grown fond of) based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I"ve played and sung many styles, as is apparent in this profile. There are a few songs that stay on here out of respect for my oldest fans, but for the most part, I will be changing it up, as is necessary, with some of my favorite old tunes of mine, perhaps some new, perhaps some, limited edition collaborations, who knows? These are NOT supposed to be "radio smashes". (who even knows what that means anymore, anyway?) They're just meant to be cool songs. Hope ya like em. Either way, lemme know.

I should also mention that I'm the proud member of an AMAZING band. We go by the name JUDD HALL. It's comprised of some of my oldest and dearest friends, as well as some of my most respected peers. What I'm saying is, we go WAY back, our chops are up, and the future is bright... Check em out: www.reverbnation.com/juddhall

Thank you