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If you thought that you couldn't or was afraid that you mustn't fear no more!!!! Enough with the silly talk. 'Rock and Roll Revival' is now available via Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Tesco, iTunes (so I am told) and various other web locations. Take a second to swing on over to one of these fine establishements and check it out for yourself. If you're feeling especially randy, then stop by my Reverb Nation store and you can get a copy of the CD or download it right there! www.reverbnation.com/ampersandre Hope everyone has had a great summer! Andre &re

Rock And Roll Revival

When we take a journey through life, through the world, just wherever, we ultimately log our experiences in our mental libraries. Like so many libraries though, we never fully know when we are going to need the Biography of Benjamin Disraeli or the vegan cookbook. Nevertheless, we stash these memories away, and slowly and surely they seem to rise to the surface like burried tires in a fresh cut lawn. In "Rock and Roll Revival" (RRR) there are many such occurances; lines and moods that harken back to a nother time, andother place. And perhaps that's what makes 'RRR' so fulffilling to me. I hope that you take a moment and listen to album - many of the songs are captured here and I will continually post the remaining songs. For now, take a moment. If you are listening on the internet then maybe get a pair of headphones, crank up the volume and enjoy. Thanks for your time, &re