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"Syracuse-The Lost Borough" Mixtape Single Releases

"Syracuse-The Lost Borough" Mixtape releasing March 16th, 2014

- Already released- "Amp-Moving Work" Ft. Fred the Godson - Already released- "Bars over Bullshit" Ft. The Philosophers - "Amp & Igneous-2/3rd's of A.O.D" 2/25/14 - "The Things Go Remix" Ft. The Philosophers 2/26/14 - "Grams" Ft. The Philosophers 2/28/14 - "Intro-Welcome to A.O.D City" Ft. The Philosophers 3/1/14 - "Amp & Igneous-Keep her on the Low Freestyle" 3/2/14 - "Amp & Igneous-It's that Time" 3/4/14

"Dream Catchers" Mixtape Single Releases

"Dream Catchers" Mixtape releasing March 9th, 2014

- Already released- "Double-J-Bad Guy(Eminem's-Rap God) - Already released- "I Deserve my Shine" Ft. QU - Already released-"Believe in your Dreams" Ft. The Philosophers - "Intro-Dream Catchers" 2/2/14 - "Erection" 2/8/14 - "Believe-Success will be my Destiny" 2/25/14 - "Pray" Ft. The Philosophers 2/26/14 - "Do the Phil Jackson" Ft. The Philosophers 3/1/14 - "I'm an Understory" Ft. The Philosophers 3/2/14

Goals and Projects for 2014

- Get all are mixtapes hosted by DJ's (A.O.D's Takeover-Music is all I Breathe" is the first mixtape hosted by DJ Ames - Promote Promote Promote and build are fan-base - Stock up on merchandise like T-Shirts,Albums,stickers and etc. - Start getting professional videos recorded(3 planned for new upcoming songs for new mixtapes) - Professional "Alliance of Death Productions" Website - Collaborate and open a show up with a well-known artist - Upgrade all my studio equipment and start DJ'in and Producing - Make a solid name and foundation for A.O.D Team and The Philosophers

5 Common acts to show you have potential to become an artist!

1) Sing the passion of music from the heart 2) Eyes of determination and willingness to learn 3) Motivation to get a hold of whoever's necessary to chase there dreams 4) Sets goals all the time and try's to achieve them 5) Belief and Confidence Synopsis: You walk into a store to see someone singing/rapping a song. They show the passion of music from the heart. You talk to them about that song and you can see the fire in there eyes. In the conversation they tell you they like all genres of music . They have determination in there eyes and willingness to learn. You give them your cd's to check out and they say "Oh I do music myself but, I need to record more" If music is really there dreams they will have the motivation to get a hold of you. Now if act three happens and you are working on music together. Do they set goals and write them down? Do they talk to you about them? Even tho act five is the most important. It is not necessary to have right away. The artist must believe in there self/team or that there dreams are possible in order to succeed. When they gain confidence and have belief then, they control there Destiny!!

100 Songs Uploaded!!!

Look out for Double-J and A.O.D TEAM in 2012!! Double-J has worked very hard to attain his growth in the Music Industry! Listen to his very first songs released compared to today. All 100 songs are there for you to enjoy,critize, and motivate you to accieve your dreams! It's a great accievement to upload 100 songs but, in Double-J's eyes its just cracking the Ice. The movement is about to begin so, A.O.D hopes your ready? We would like to say Thank You to everybody who helps support and Push us to Succeed!! Take Care! Joe Jones

"Tha Smarter X3" Mixtape

1) Repeat 2) Mr Smarter Ft. DJ Robinhood 3) A Million Ft. DJ Robinhood 4) We Want Money Ft. Big Tim & Igneous 5) Chillaxin 6) Water Ft. DJ Robinhood 7) Handcuffs 8) On the Rise 9) Skit-Great Rises Weak Falls!! 10) Kill Me Now 11) Lolipop Kid 12) JAJA Ft. Igneous 13) Stickest of the Ickest Ft. Igneous 14) Misconception 15) Who's hotter than A.O.D? Ft. Big Tim 16) Sign Me Remix Ft. Big Tim 17) Still Sticky Ft. Igneous 18) Outro to Deadly Alliance

"Double-J's-Naked with Covers" Mixtape

1) Moment for Life 2) Motivation 3) Thugz Mansion Cover 4) Business Man Remix Ft. A.O.D TEAM 5) Just the way you are Freestyle-Double-J & YoungCuse 6) Better Off Alone 7) Power That 8) God's Coaster 9) Bobby 10) Skit-Naked with Covers 11) Naked with Covers 12) Follow Your Heart 13) Bottoms Up Freestyle-Double-J & YoungCuse 14) Business Man Vamp 15) If the World Ends-Double-J & YoungCuse 16) Airplanes-Here We Go Ft. DJ Robinhood 17) Microphone-A.O.D TEAM 18) Justify My Love 19) Rose Above

Track Listing for "Igneous and Curious are Eastern West Lyricist"

1) Intro to Eastern West Lyricist 2) The Things Go Ft. DJ Robinhood 3) Drop A Bomb Ft. Big Tim 4) Greatness 5) Standing Strong Ft. Sarah D 6) Abusive with the Words Ft. Big Tim 7) Jump on That 8) Skit-Lyricist 9) Looking and Searching 10) Im in the Zone 11) ZooKeeper 12) From the West 13) To the East 14) Vans Dismix DC's are the Sneakers Ft. A.O.D TEAM 15) Heartbroken 16) Skit-Ignite 17) KnockOut 18) Love Me 19) Loser's Club 20) Angry Jerks Ft. A.O.D TEAM

Track Listing for "Mi$$ion Do$$ar P$an Mixtape"

1)Skit-Good things to come Ft.JP YoungCuse 2)Emotional Breakdown produced by WHP Beats 3)Queen Bee Ma Ft.Static produced by WHP Beats 4)The Beginning Ft.Infamous produced by WHP Beats 5)Stardom Ft.Sarah D & Guitar by Louie G produced by WHP Beats 6)Curious produced by WHP Beats 7)Easy Street Ft.DJ Robinhood produced by Dollar Ninety Nine Beats 8)Careless Ft.Igneous produced by WHP Beats 9)Right Joe Ft.Scotty O produced by WHP Beats 10)Cindy's Ft.Jimmy B & Amp produced by WHP Beats 11)Mi$$ion Do$$ar P$an Ft.A.O.D TEAM produced by $1.99 Beats 12)Living the Life Ft.Static produced by WHP Beats 13)B-Bop Ft.Igneous produced by WHP Beats 14)Evil Laugh Ft.Scotty O produced by WHP Beats 15)Bad Bitch Ft.DJ Robinhood produced by WHP Beats 16)We all have Dreams Ft. Sarah D & Guitar by Louie G produced by WHP Beats 17)Outro-MDP

My three best investments so, far as a muscian!!!

(1) Taking music more serious and into the right direction!!

(2) Purchasing all my own recording equipment and starting my own production company!!

(3) Having Hakim Griffin(Griffin Productions) create my new Alliance of Death Logo!!