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First PR

I'm on the official Doncaster Rovers FC website for making the new anthem to be played on match days, for the full article, go here: http://www.doncasterroversfc.co.uk/page/Home/0,,10329,00.html

First Air Play

Been on my local radio station on Thursday, played the new Doncaster Rovers Anthem 'Rovers Till I Die'. I was a guest along with the brains behind the lyrics, and the talented vocalist, good experience, very enjoyable and memorable time all round!

First Recognition

Well, small I know, but I've got myself heard, made some songs that are going to be used in some Doncaster Rovers online videos, and a video that'll be shown to the VIPs at matches, ALSO, I'm working on a new Doncaster Rovers Anthem that'll be played at matches, its a start...

First Blog

This is my first blog, I have at least 18 songs, none with lyrics as yet, mainly because I'm not the worlds best singer, but I shall try my damndest in the coming weeks to add some vocals to some of my songs. I am currently working on 4 new songs, song 1 is an old school rockesque song, song 2 is a slow, ballad, song 3 is a classic rock/pop number, and song 4 is a mix of all the above! be sure to keep checking back to here them, shouldn't be too long! Over and out.