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Finished first stage of our first full record

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Winnipeg and worked day and night to finish our first full length record. Although we were tired and spent we felt jazzed to be done the first part of the recording project. Next step is down to the mixing and we have a wonderful technition doing the mix named Reiss Zurbick. Thanks Reiss for all your hard work. Much love to you brother for all that you've done so far and all your doing! Stay tuned for 11 songs to be released in the near future.

It's Love

A favorite quote of mine from a favorite band called King's X states; "It's love that's holding it together and the same will let it go." I get this feeling that people want to be believe in love but have been let down. People then suffer as well, as a result, with a loss of trust. The truth is that deep inside we all know that love is real and that there must be more to life than what we've got. I really believe there is, but everyone must find this truth out on their own journey. This is why people are so cool, everyone is different and unique. That's where I believe God reaches us, in the diversity of who we are. So don't give up searching, cause you know it's love that's going to save you.

Prepping for our Manitoba tour

So much to do and it feels like a breeze because the music creates life. Thanks God for designing us to be creative at the core. It's this gift that opens the heart and mind. Tomorrow we hit the road and head west to the big city. From our little community to the lights of commerce and industry. We're looking forward to connecting with friends and fans and most importantly sharing our gift. We are so priveleged to have a stage to play on and share our songs. Love is the most important gift we have and we are thankful for the love we've been given and hope to give some of it back. Cheers, and may you have peace and a taste of warmth as you reflect on the fact that you are loved.

Let the music saturate your mind, body and spirit

Let me be clear. There's nothing like plugging in that guitar and hanging out with a group of musicians and jamming out tunes. It's a funny thing how everybody keeps turning up the volume. I think that's symbolic of just wanting more. You subconsciously place your hand on the volume because in your heart you want this moment to be tattood on your spirit forever.