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All about Music

I was reading about Parmalee today, their drummer was nearly killed last year during a post show robbery. He made it through a lot and they are kickin' ass again.

I get in deep reflection when it comes to music, the love of it, the support I have for it.

I'm not a professional musician but I am one.

A fond memory I have was from 2004, I was in a small music store in Burlington having the saddle of my guitar fixed. Okay, guitars (axes) are cool but I am NOT a guitar playing machine, I think mine actually hates me.

In the corner of the store, they had several keyboards set up and right in the center of the area was this beautiful Korg LE sitting on a stand and stool set right before it. It called my name VERY loud, haha. I lost resistance and fell on the stool, fired that machine up and got lost in a long moment.

I've done this sort of thing since I was old enough to see the keys on a piano. Eye to keys standing there, there has always been something about the ebony and ivories that made me want to be there playing my heart away.

I didn't want to play others, still don't like doing covers, but I play my own thing and get lost in it.

That Korg sounded so good, and I know what seemed like a minute was actually about 10 or more as the dude fixed the saddle on the guitar.

He beckoned me over to see what had been wrong with it, he had fixed it and was jammin' on the damn thing better than I ever will even in my best dream.

He was putting it back in it's bag when a horn player in the store approached me and asked me if I was a performing musician, I laughed...NOT!! I suffer stage fright, especially when playing piano. (You know that "someone over your shoulder feeling")

He told me I sounded good, he was enjoying my 'playing", I smiled I'm sure and laughed at myself feeling slightly embarrassed. I was playing "my" thing, doing my thing and he enjoyed it.

After I left the store, I felt really touched by his comments and the eyes teared up.

In reflection today, I think about why I support music so much, those that make it, record it, perform it, share it or keep it to themselves.

It's that feeling I have when I'm playing and I'm just lost in what flows from me, comes out, what those ebonies and ivories bring to life from me.

My music isn't professionally recorded, I've not been on a stage since I was 18. It's mine though, it is from me, for me, through me.

No one can give it to me, take it from me, put it in me to play. No one can design it and sell it to me, no one can buy it for me or from me. Music is just part of who I am, part of what I feel, part of everything I hear.

I can shut off the radio, go outside and listen to leaves and hear a song. I dream it in my sleep, if food could have a different flavor it would be music.

I support ALL because I figure maybe, just maybe they know what I am saying here, they know that feeling.

I saw Tommy Redd from Nantucket the other evening. I think the man would give you the shirt off of his back, he needs it himself. He's one hell of a guitar playing man, can write like a banshee but I know from the bit of time I've been around him, music is not about money, it's not about what any of it can do for him other then fill his soul.

For anyone reading this that plays, has played or will play.."For those about to Rock, I salute you" (sorry ACDC)....because my own love of it, makes me love and appreciate you.

Stardremer (star -dreamer if you don't get it) Sandra