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Analyzation (poem i wrote today)

Love can be the most beautiful expierence to expeirence considering that it really is love if it is not love,would that make it lust or infatuation,or affection? No one is the picture of perfection I have my flaws You have yours,we have ours. But isn’t it our imperfections that make us unique? The world would be a dull place if we were all peas in the same pod. I hold my friends and family close to my heart. If it were my decision we would never part. However the tounge is sharp,and can slice deeply. And when those wounds are made they do not close easily. But it seems to me as if some cut themselves. Just know that I am willing to be a doctor if you want to be a patient. Vice Versa I am will to be a patient if you want to be the doctor. But only if your medicines heal and don’t hurt. For what its worth I want to say I love you all. No matter the rise or fall of ball that was dropped. With no air we can never bounce back up. With no ground we have nothing to bounce off of. Life is a balancing act.