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I love it

"I don't bump mainstream, I knock underground. All dat other shit sugarcoated and watered down."(E-40) I fanned a lot of people with some good music, and people with good music fanned me too in the past few weeks. I love the lesser known, known music. All typs of music too. Not just hiphop.

Friday Night Fever

Check out my freetape Friday Night Fever. I know for a fact it has at least one song you will love!!!

Coming Soon!!!!!!!

Yo it's almost done. My freetape "Friday Night Fever vol.1" I got some hot ass artis like Mistah Fab, Zito, Juma Blaq, RobYoung, Se7en and more. Coming Soon on www.ThaUnionEnt.com, Itunes, and at a show near you.