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CW3 Reemerges on Boston's North Shore

Greetings Music Lovers, Welcome to the launching of the East Coast incarnation of the Chuck Walker Trio. Rooted in the classic jazz guitar sound a la Grant Green and Wes Montgomery, this "new label on old wine" has only gotten better with age. Often featuring special guest vocalists and horn players, this powerhouse rhythm section is also an improvisational sensation as a trio. If you're interested in keeping tabs on this emerging ensemble of talented musicians, please check out www.reverbnation.com/chuckwalkertrio and join us via facebook www.facebook.com/chuckwalkertrio to stay connected to the latest in jazz culture on Boston's North Shore. Exploring everything from swing to blues to straight-ahead to funk to bossa nova to free jazz, the Chuck Walker Trio is dedicated not only to preserving the classic traditions of this great American art form but also pushing the borders of jazz into other genres like hip hop, reggae, dub, and folk. With inclusive expression and the universal language of music can we create a more unified and harmonious world community.


Inspired by San Diego jazz legend Daniel Jackson, guitarist Chuck Walker has been performing and composing music for over a decade on California's west coast. Since "cutting his teeth" in the San Francisco jazz scene in the late 90's with the likes of Bradford Marsalis, John Handy (alto saxophonist of Charles Mingus), and guitarist Mimi Fox, Walker has performed extensively in Los Angeles and San Diego. His subtly aggressive guitar style effortlessly bridges the genres of jazz, blues, funk, reggae, dub, rock, and pop. As a composer, Walker's inventive and playful manner often contrasts the deeper, bluesy side of his creativity. Determined to assemble a versatile jazz guitar trio of high caliber, Walker recruited drummer Fenimore Johnson, a lively drummer with effortlessly agile abilities and a backbeat rhythm style all his own. With all bass and guitar work handled by Walker, the rhythm section was in place, setting the stage for master tenor saxophonist Andy Zahurak to enter the scene blowing thick melodic tones with a biting, driving beat. As a small unit, the trio's musical flexibility allows them to perform a wide range of original and standard material as well as feature special guest instrumentalists and vocalists. Zahurak’s tremendous tone and improvisational instincts compliment Walker’s steady soulful groove, while Johnson’s funky sensibilities create a rhythmic shuffle of swing and bounce. The Chuck Walker Trio is committed to bringing the best improvisational music to the stage every time. Drawing from a rich repertoire of classic jazz standards and innovative original material, the group’s brilliant dedication to this American art form shines at every performance. Whether in a trio setting or larger context, the Chuck Walker Trio continues to excite audiences with their musical versatility, unending creativity, and original artistry.