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Some Pearl Black Blues!

Working on some new Tunes! New Pearl Black Thing Coming!!!

Send Space

i suggest using sendspace.com to send large files! great and easy file sending service! and it's FREE!

Wow! What A Thought!

Wouldn't it be cool if all the Artist's on Reverb, could do a summer Jam together! kinda like a Woodstock thing1 Hmmmmm! I might be able to come up with the place here in WEST BY GOD! Give me your take! Would anyone be interested?...Pearl

Chuck Foster Songwriter
Chuck Foster Songwriter  (over 7 years ago)

It would be cool if they really listened to the damn music instead of padding their fan lists. I write and play and so do you. I would jam with you anytime. You are real man! A pleasure listening.... RRG Chuck

The Road Virus
The Road Virus  (over 7 years ago)

Sign me up!!

Wayne Graham
Wayne Graham  (over 7 years ago)

Wayne Graham would definitely be interested in something like this...keep us posted...thanks

Kasha-baa  (over 7 years ago)

Actually!,i think it.s a very good idea,but for everybody to participate, it would have to be held yearly at different venues around the world.

Muddy Fork Band
Muddy Fork Band  (over 7 years ago)

Hey Pearl..you know I'm up for that!! Thats what my bro-in law and I were wantin to do.Hes got about 40 acres in the country..He built a great band stand and is set up for it..Talk about some fun!!!Let us know if your serious about it..If nothing else maybe we can work together on this one..keep in touch...Cathy/mud banjer

Stankbot Tyranny

Pearl black is officially dedicating the song "ride the rainbow" to Ben, Will, and Nick of Stankbot Tyranny! Love you guys!

gotta gig Saturday night!

Deep in the hills on the Potomac River in West By God Virginia! We were called upon! Pearl Black by the bonfire, with venison and pork cookin underground! cold weathers comin and we should have a great weekend! lots a BEER and people! CHEERS!

A little short!

Guess we came up a little short in the Mountain Stage new song contest! Apparently besides a new song, we needed a video! Our fault! won't miss out again! We thought it was about a great new song, and not a song and video combo. we should have looked a little closer! we will be ready next time! thanks for all the support guys! thanks1...Pearl.

Mountain Stage new song contest!

Pearl Black is still in the running for a final spot in the contest! we may be headed to Wintergarden NY! on Oct. 22! "Every time the wind blows" maybe the song that gets us in! Will let everyone know on the 1st!

things are lookin up!

all kinds of things from a few new songs to labels jumpin on!

Pearl Black

WOW! what do UUUU! think?