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Super excited to be back in the studio! Just layed down drums, bass and some prelim guitars for the next release, whatever shape that may take...

We Thank You All SO MUCH

New Terminus would like to thank all of our wonderful friends & family who helped us complete and press our debut album RED GIANT this year! Thanks to everyone who contributed, bought a record, CD or download, came to a show, dropped us a line, played a song on his radio show, said our name three times in the mirror in the dark....

You are all welcome to continue doing these things and we will continue to thank you accordingly and reciprocate.

Have a safe and happy holiday time everybody! We'll see you December 1 at the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market.

Red Giant So Close To Goal!

We are so close to reaching our album fundraising goal with 19 days remaining. We only need $450 more by May 17 to meet our goal, so please consider visiting our IndieGoGo campaign and donating (http://www.indiegogo.com/Full-length-debut-LP-by-New-Terminus). Undying gratitude and so much more go out to our lovely donors. So far you have put us within $500! Thank you all!

Help Us Fund The Red Giant!

Our new album "Red Giant" is very close to being done. Help us get the funds to finish by going: http://www.indiegogo.com/Full-length-debut-LP-by-New-Terminus

WREK visit

Sunday night Travis and I treked over to WREK to visit our friend Jon Kincaid in the WREK studio at Ga Tech. Jon's had his show, Personality Crisis, for like 25 years. He welcomed us in, played a couple New tracks and asked some easy questions. When he offered up a couple tickets to the third caller, no one called. Finally some dude named Michael Johns called in and got them. Surprisingly, another person called soon thereafter, only they were denied. Then Jon played the educational bird CD and things got weird. Weird in a funny way, I suppose, but now I know how easy it is. You simply pick up a CD, say, "Hey, it's like they're teaching these birds to be hookers," then give a live demonstration on the air. We have a show this Wednesday./\..