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Churchills Gig - Write Up

Because this gig was soo flipping amazing i thought id write up the best bits of Shock ! Hazard's performance :D

Opening up with thunderstruck one handed on guitar by jake. Broke three guitar strings. Re-opened with thunderstruck one handed then throwing his self about the stage. Explained how the world was made with a rock n roll bang. Started Rock n Roll Creation by running to the corner of the pub and standing on the chairs. Rocked out the song by playing the solo behind his head and then double timing it. Started Whole Lotta Rosie by saying this next ones whole lotta rosie and where have all my friends gone? The second verse was dedicated to Johnny as i sung got a wholle lotta Johnny. Screached his way through rosie to the brake down in the solo played in the crowds faces. Started my generation with the famous stutter with the whole pub chanting along with Dec :D Went to the amazing bass and guitar solo to brake down for extra time whilst jake tried to remember the words. Before playing the next acdc song jake said we are apparently the next acdc. and someone said but not an acdc tribute band. The solo for you shook me all night jake played between decs legs as he was smashing his head beside jakes The solo for fill me with spirit jake played with his guitar in Georges bass drum and standing on a chair Let there be rock jake grabbed his special guitar and gave it his all Jake and dec moshing on stage and jumping and smashing into things. Jake broke down into the verse by grabbing the mic and singing infront of the people sitting at the front. First solo was played crouched on the floor between his own legs. Second verse forgot lyrics but made it up and noone noticed Second solo went nuts with the jumping side to side. Dec and george went into a drum and bass regae solo. Jake stood on a table where i almost knocked over someones drink Solo'd on the table whilst head banging. ran back to the stage and fell to the floor and did a spin then shook like a huge fit whilst dec stood over him and head banged. After this jakes top was thrown off and he was topless and several people commented on his body Next song burnin' money was dedicated to someone and changed lyrics from having a cat to someone killing it and taking my all. Tuned down for RATM and everyone cheered. Stood up on a chair on stage hit the D and jake put his arms in the air. Jumped around in time with dec The verse Johnny came on stage and sang with them. During this song they all swapped mics and head banged and screamed Rock You i wont do what you tell me. Whilst also receiving a kiss at the end from johnny Opened into blessed and the landlord said to go to the other side of the pub jake ran to the other side jumped on a table surrounded by lots of people and solo'd for a random intro whilst dec head banged between them on the chairs. During the mid section jake went and drank his drink whilst playing the song by balancing the glass in his mouth and downing it but on the way out smashed a glass with his guitar. The next song was meant to be their last one. dirty fight solo behind jakes head and head banging with dec got the whole pub chanting DIRTY FIGHT Ended with a solo on the floor and a hanging E guitar strum As george left his drum kit the pub chanted ENCORE MORE MORE MORE george got back on the kit and we played TNT with an extra long solo. We recived another chant so our old drummer dave came on stage and played a song with us. The pub didnt give up they wanted more so jake called johnny and lucie to they stage and they rocked out sweet home alabama. to end the night a solo with dec collapsed on the floor tangled in leads and jake kicking a cymbol and shouting good night.



Thunderstruck Rock n Roll Creation Whole Lotta Rosie My Generation You Shook Me All Night Long Fill Me With Spirit Let There Be Rock (SOLO) Burnin' Money Killing in the Name Of Blessed Dirty Fight

Encores: TNT Get ready to Rock n Roll Sweet Home Alabama

Prophecy From a church in Bedford

She started by saying im going to take a step in faith. Do you play guitar? I answered yes. She said so you play in the worship band at church? I Answered yes. And if im right you play in a rock band? I Answered yes.

She had a vision and this is what she wrote down for me: Saw you playing guitar. Felt that God would use your music. your playing in a band to reach many people. Felt that there's an evangelistic annointing on your life. That you would have the opportunity to stand out from your peers within the band culture. That you may then get to preach the gospel during gigs.

What encouragement :)

Also she mentioned Battle of the bands. She said shes not sure what or when it is but something to do with our band and the Battle of the bands :) Woop Woop

Rock n Roll!!