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Studio Update

Guitars done, bass done, drums done, vocals next for album. Almost there guys. Stay metal.........

Studio Update 11/10

The recording master Chase at Big Rude Recording has just finished up the drum edits for the recording. He has worked his ass of in making this drums as massive sounding as possible. And we thank him for his hard work and dedication. After we review the drum edits we should be rolling along to getting the bass tracks knocked out by Stephen. Sorry were taking so long for you guys out there but we want his recording to be the best possible recording we can deliver. We wont disappoint I promise. So hang tight just a bit longer and well make sure that when it's done that your heads will explode. As for a release date, we will have one in the near future. And we are also going to make sure the music is accessible and on the formats you all love and want. Vinyl, digital downloads, etc. In the downtime we do have, Duane will be traveling to some mysterious part of the world at the end of November. Where he ends up is a mystery. We hope he enjoys his tear from society and learns well from the dark ones over seas. Joel has been working on stuff and I have got some ideas flowing as well for new material. We are going to be writing and collaborating all new material during the next few months. So by the time we get back playing live again, we will be delivering fresh new tunes. There is a lot going on. But were not going to rush out shitty product that we have to think twice about. When we return to the stage, it will be faster, heavier, and more intense, I promise Thanks for hanging on with us and you can hear more from us soon. Support local music and have a good holiday coming up. -Brandon "Lord of the Abyss"

Studio update!

We've begun the recording process of the new album. We started Day 1 with Duane hitting up Red Room studios with Royal Worth Weaver and Chase O Neil for a very intense drum recording session. Those two guys really busted their ass to get the drum sound for this insane endeavor. Duane really nailed his parts and the drum edits begin! Next we roll into Big Rude recordings for the next stages of recording our madness. As for details on an album title, we will get that to you all in the near future. As for now, I will keep you posted best I can on what is happening with the recording. And we do have a few shows lined up so you guys can get a sneak listen on whats coming up in the new album. So until next time, stay dark and cold during this hot and miserable summer! -Brandon