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It's coming up, Halloween is tomorrow and we're all getting ready to have a good time! Now that our tracks are recorded, we're getting our live show in order. Rehearsing, equipment checks, buying shaving cream to take off the studio beards... You know, normal stuff.

We're contemplating our choices for a venue for our first show. We posted something on Facebook about it quite a while ago and are going through the suggestions. We'll be sure to let you all know as soon as we decide!

You'll also be happy to know we'll have some new music up real soon for you to listen to. Please keep spreading our stuff around so we can have a great first show with you!

Keep Kickin' Ass!


More songs to come!

Help us gain new fans on our Facebook! We will be releasing another track soon as a thanks to all of those that helped. keep kickin ass! -DoryDrive www.facebook.com/dorydrivemusic