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"My Music"

Composing is my way of expressing my fears, my joy, my sadness and my thoughts about the unanswerable questions in life. My love for music began when I was very little and my father would play the records with the greatest songs of that time, letting wonderful melodies capture my mind. I realized then, that the right music can be a medicine for the mind and can comfort you when you ’re frustrated. It can also make you want to dance, to fall in love, to cry and finally to “feel” other people’s experiences. A song can make you travel to a far away place, remind you of a critical moment in your life and accompany you when you try to relax from a stressful day. Also, music can make people unite for a big cause, make them put aside their differences and help them celebrate or mourn together! Sometimes singing or dancing with another person makes you feel closer to that person than any other way! Even babies stop crying when you start singing to them! I believe music somehow expresses the harmony of the universe and when used properly can touch each and every soul! Lyrics are the reason I start writing a song, which is to tell a story or to articulate a problem of mine that has been troubling my mind. Singing is an emotional way of expressing my feelings and getting rid of my negative energy. (Try it; it’s almost as good as laughing!) I write mostly pop songs, some of them with classical elements, others with electronic sounds and finally, instrumental pieces appropriate for soundtracks. I have lots of demos ready for studio production and hope I will be able to produce properly each and every one of them. So, I hope you enjoy my music as I’ ve enjoyed making it…