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World Premier-Strong Shot of You

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And a Whole Lot of Fun,

A LITTLE Bit Crazy by Erin Eder was released September 16, 20014 through Apple Itunes and other online stores. This is Eder’s second single from the upcoming album, Back Road Country Soul. This track is a LITTLE Bit different from the other songs produced and performed by Erin Eder. The upbeat dance number is reminiscent of the Jerry Lee Lewis era with a lot of swing and bounce from the piano keys. The awesome steel guitar intro by Smith Curry, makes this number rock! Curry has played major-label master sessions for legendary producers like Paul Worley, James Stroud, Don Cook, Blake Chancey, Kyle Lehning, Chuck Howard, and Ron Chancey, and can be heard on hit singles like Randy Travis's #1 "Three Wooden Crosses", Jason Aldean's #1 hit "Why", and Billy Currington's #1 “Good Directions”. Eder’s creative artwork and branding are courtesy of Houston’s Debi Wallace, Barfield Photography and graphic artist, Kris Hackerott. Eder could not resist using her theatrical background to create a story with her cover. With attitude and brand new challenger, Eder created a scene on a dusty back road in Monaville, Texas. For those frequent travelers to Texas AM football games, the site is just down the street from the Thirsty Parrot, and YES, that is her husband doing ‘burn outs’ in his “General Lee”! The story may not take place in Hazard County, but Waller County is a close second. This saga will continue with a music video going into production soon. With the album still in production, Eder will also begin selling merchandise that will include ladies tanks, hats, and will introduce her “chic country biker” look to other ladies with attitude. For years, Eder has donned her Texas audience with leopard prints, jeans and leather. There’s nothing better than a leopard corset and a LITTLE Bit of Leather to spice things up a bit, and Erin Eder is just the lady to ‘own’ this craze and carry it through the future. Watch out Nashville-she may be A Little Bit Crazy, but she is a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Tonight in Houston!

http://www.chron.com/ Houston Chronicle online- CD Release Party at the Armadillo Palace 5/24/11

Erin Eder-Tate Music Group

Erin will record a complete album music written by local entertainer Randy Meadows. Music by Katy songwriter, Floyd Callen and New Orlean's blues artist Burton Gaar will also be highlighted on the album. Currently, you can find Erin performing in the surrounding Houston area with Randy Meadows. Erin Eder’s strong, sultry voice breaks through to compliment her upbeat country music with a lot of soul. In addition to the Erin Eder Band, she is also active with her church band at Crosspoint Community Church and the Lyrics Band at Bellville United Methodist Church.