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John's Party, Eversley Cross

We had a fantastic bash on the rain swept weekend in Berkshire. John celebrated is birthday in style in a giant marquee in his garden. This was the Friday Band and trad jazz. I played bass, having motored out from our washed out camping w/e at Wellington country park. As for this w/e - Jenny's playing her first proper gig on guitar (I think) at the Marlboro Club in Didcot - of all places. It's a private party - so they'll be lugging that gear up all of those stairs.

Last Week's Gig (Broad Face Abingdon)

We had lots of fun getting our 8 piece band into one of the smallest pubs in the world. I had particular fun trying to hold that heavy baritone sax and stop everyone from knocking the music over. Didn't really succeed - but everyone got drunk and had fun.