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The Cry…Come

It’s always amazing to me how songs are written. Every process an artist goes through to create and finish a song is different; almost as if there are these paths you take when writing a song and the process or path itself leads you to the destination. I have been writing songs since I was just a young girl, but there’s so much more to learn, so many more songs to sing!!

When the song “Come” came about, I would describe it as an “open heaven” song; for a moment I heard a cry…maybe God and all of heaven crying out for the lost to come…maybe just the cry of my own heart being reflected back for my ears to hear. Whatever or however it happened, it was as if I was hearing the song sung by the Spirit of God himself for me to pen. Every hair on my body was standing straight up and I just knew within my heart that this song would be, until the Lord directed otherwise, how we would end every concert or worship session; this doesn’t happen to me very often!! It was certainly a very different experience!!

The chorus of the song was what I caught first and then the other parts of the song developed as I meditated on what I was hearing. In the chorus it felt like a call to action to come into the light, or in other words come to Jesus, the Light. I began singing the chorus first then started singing about Jesus; who He is, what He came and did, and how it affects us who need Him so desperately.

Definitely the chorus melody is one that just sticks with you, ya know!! I really hope and believe that anyone listening to this particular song will be drawn upon to come to Him…completely!

I know this is the heart cry for the church to reach out to the lost and bid them to come. Let me encourage you today to GO and BE the hands and feet of Jesus!! Better yet, be His voice, show His love, and share His message of Hope and Love to everyone you come in contact with, that truly is the Kadence of His heart!