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New CD coming

Happy to announce that a new cd is in the works for recording this summer. It will have a very acoustic feel. My old friend Mike Stergis, who toured and wrote for Crosby, Stills and Nash, will be co producer with me. We will start recording in July and hope to have it finished in August.

Roots Radio Report 2012

Thanks so much to all the fans and DJ's that helped get The Barstool Monologues to #14 for 2012. http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/index.php?page=2012_year_end_chart&genre=truecountry

Big City Rhythm and Blues

This is one of those rare “concept” albums that works-- mainly because of Cullison’s stellar Songwriting. Acting as the bartender-proprietor of a smoky, across the tracks honky-tonk called the Oasis, Cullison (aka The Roadhouse Rambler)loquaciously introduces each bar patron vignette, variously sung by a host of Nashville’s finest. Tiffany Huggins Grant soulfully relates the tale of a heart-broken lover on “As The Cold Set In” while Davis Raines takes a Bakersfield-styled slant on the moody “Till I See Her With Him” and Natalie Langlinais nostalgically tells the story of “Ghost Of My Heart.”

Other musical novellas are sung by Jon Byrd (the roadhouse blues “Prayin’ For Rain”) with Brian Langlinais recalling the Allman Brothers on “Who Turned You Loose” and Mark Robinson telling us all about his new schizophrenic girl friend on the rocking “Good And Evil.” Randy Handley proffers a downbeat “I Can’t Let You Drink Alone” while Travis Lamb mesmerizes on the saucy, memory-laden snapshot “Just Another Night.”

Cullison, in character as Hollis the Bartender, bookends proceedings with a great drinking song titled “Wish I Didn’t Like Whiskey” and his closing “Barstool Monologue,” that nods to the late Nashville elbow-bending institution, The Sutler. Maybe a musical? --Gary von Tersch, Big City Rhythm and Blues

McKeesport Pa. Daily News


‘The Barstool Monologues’

Mike Cullison & the Regulars (Joedog)


Singer/songwriter Mike Cullison weaves the lives of fictional bar patrons into a cohesive narrative on ambitious new album “The Barstool Monologues.” The Nashville-based artist prefaces each of the 10 twang-filled songs with a brief spoken-word introduction that ties everything together. The 20-track release (10 songs, 10 intros) is a delight from begin- ning to end as “bartender” Cullison serves up these intrigu- ing slices of life.

Among the stronger entries here are countrified gem “Wish I Didn’t Like Whiskey,” “Prayin’ for Rain,” “Til I See Her With Him,” the rockabilly “Good and Evil,” “I Can’t Let You Drink Alone” and “Just Another Night.” Enjoy, y’all!

new review

I have got to tell you that this – a concept album featuring many of the stories of people who come together in a bar – is something that is more than a little different. Cullison – one of Nashville’s most respected tunesmiths, wrote or co-wrote every song on the album, and each track is introduced by the “bartender,” Hollis (who also is Mike, if you are keeping score).

While some of the vocal performances are better than others on the album, each song really seems to work well – especially in the “Barroom Setting.” Vocally, some of the top moments come from Tiffany Huggins Grant on “As The Cold Sets In.” She really delivers with a piercing vocal on this expressive cut. Davis Raines contributes a decidedly old-school take on the plaintive “Till I See Her With Him,” which is also a highlight. Another top moment comes from Travis Lamb, who conjures up a Haggard-esque weariness on “Just Another Night.”

If you head out to the barrooms tonight, keep in mind that everyone has their individual stories to tell. With that in mind, Cullison delivers a project that will have you thinking and maybe a little bit of drinking, as well! Music News Nashville

The Barstool Monologues

New cd, The Barstool Monologues" is available. New web site, www.TheRoadHouseRambler is up and running too. Let me know what you think. It took a while, but I feel it was worth the effort. Challenges are good for us.

Time/MIke Cullison

Where does the time go. We have managed to get the Roadhouse Rambler EP finished and pressed. Did the release party at Music City Smokehouse. Had a very good crowd and the band was kick ass. Mark Robinson, Dan Seymour, Justin Amaral and Mark Jordan really had it smokin'. Working on the European end of it now with Rob Ellen out of the U.K. Hoping to tour there later this fall for a few weeks. I am also starting to put some more concentration in on The Bar Stool Monologues. I hope that project is complete for release after the first of the year.

The Barstoll Monologues

I am getting closer everyday to going in the studio with this. Still have some serious i's to dot and t's to cross before I do. Should be a fun challenge. I have several very talented people in mind to get contributions from. I am not sure if any of them have been involved in a project like this. A different twist on the norm.

The Barstool Monologues

I have been working on a new project for some time now, titled: The Barstool Monologues. It combines short stories with song. I used "The Sutler" as my backdrop. I spent a lot of time there waiting on the studio at Johnny Neel's to open or for a writing gig to commence. Each story will have an accompaning song about someone in the bar. I plan on adding photos along with the lyrics and story. I plan on using different vocalists as much as I can. At this time the stories are being edited, the songs have been selected. I hope to start putting things together soon. I have a web site set up and will use it to give samples. www.barstoolmonologues.com