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New Album soon!!!

We just recorded our first full-length album a couple of weeks ago, and we are so pumped. It's got 12 tracks on it, including some favorites like Ten Feet Down, More Than Stone, and Together We Swim. It should be released sometime in September once it's mixed and mastered and packaged and all that. We're still trying to get some album artwork designed. I (luke) have been messing around with some ideas of my own, but I am still open to all ideas. This album is going to be a huge boost as far as getting our name out there goes, so we can't wait. Just thought I'd give you guys an update! JG

JuniperGreen's first blog

Hey guys it's matt from the band and ive decided to start our blog. I've never really done a blog before so be patient with my first, im not too sure what to write about.

The other night me and luke (the other junipergreen member) and a few friends kayaked down to a local island to camp out. Ended up being really one of the best nights i've had in a long time. The whole night was filled with moments of ecstasy. You'd walk out of the tent and hear the waves breaking on the beach, you'd look up and see thunderless lightning overhead. Later on the clouds would break, revealing the whitest moon and the most star abundant sky. Being there, witnessing all of that with your closest friends around a fire listening to music, there was no way you couldn't be swept away by the night. Nothing in the world mattered. All problems were extinct, all fears extinguished. All that remained was the painting of the water and the song of the wind. truly breathtaking.

The fact that Luke had devised a way to cook steak over the fire made it even better. Definitely one of my best steak experiences. And sarah one of our friends introduced us all to the DoughBoy. The best thing you can ever make over a fire. It's as simple as biscuit dough stuck on the end of a stick (with aluminum foil on the end) and cooked over the fire. You can even make it any flavor by puttin chocolate in it. We found the best thing was to put chocolate chip cookies in it. I cant wait to go just to have another doughboy :). The next morning we failed at trying to catch a seagull. We buried Luke in the sand and threw bread on him and covered his head with a towel. Sadly the wind was way too strong that morning and even the most interested seagull couldn't land.

He doesn't know what's comin to him next time, well hope u liked the first blog :),

Matt (JuniperGreen)