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The Mark S. Project..

Great reaction to The Mark S. Project material, big thanx to VRadio and Blizz of Rock for the airplay and support...new trax very soon with the amazing Biscuit on bass, Faried on Drums and Tommy The Man Maran ,guitar hero and producer ....stay tuned Amigos!!!! XXXXX

Second Collaboration with Tommy Maran..

Here's a killa for ya!!! Second collaboration with Tommy Maran is a remixed rebooted version of my song "Down in the Basement" which Tommy has breathed new life into with an awesome arrangement and some killin guitar playing...check it out Amigos!!!!

Mark $/Tommy Maran collaborations!!!!

Myself & Tommy Maran are collaborating on some tunes, first out of the cage is a cover of The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love"....souped up n firin' on all six....check it out!!!!

Official Down in the Basement Music Video

Here's the official music video for Down in the Basement, big thanx to my son Jamie for helping me put this together.....

I'm BAAAAAAAACK in the saddle again!!!"

Greetings Amigos, Mark $ here, just an update cos I been away for a while. Be ready because I have some new sick n twistid tunes coming your way very soon....the follow up to "Meanwhile..Down in the Basement" already has a name and the tunes are comin' thick n fast. Been doing some vocals for a Swedish band called Eight6Nine, they've posted 2 already, "Doing Good" and "Rooster" ...check 'em out....and putting a little project together with my good friend Biscuit, a wicked bassist and all round good guy. So my dear friends, sorry I've been so long updating ya, you've all been in my thoughts, love to yaaaaaaz!!! Speak soon. mark $.


Wow!!! What a massive response to "Down in the Basement", thank yiou all that took the time to visit my site&listen to my stuff!!! It means the world to me. Love Yaaaaaaz!!!!

Album Release!!!!

Greetings from Planet $...here it is ..."Meanwhile...Down in the Basement"...my first solo album....hope you enjoy it my friends....laters Amigos!!!

Greetingz from Planet $.

Sorry people, it's been a while since we spoke but let me fill ya'll in. The album is nearly complete, it's called "Meanwhile....Down in the basement", and I'm just tweaking the mixes here and there to give you all the full power of the Planet $ sound. Learned a lot from doing this album and it will all stand me in good stead for the next one I do. New mix of "Armageddon to go" is killa...new guitars & vocals and , quite frankly, it melted my face off!!! So stay tuned and get ready for the album release.....til then....keep rockin'...love yaaaaaaz!!!

Greetings from Planet $!!!

Recording the vocals for "Angels over me" was one of the toughest, most emotional things I've ever done. The lyrics took ages to get right but I'm happy with the outcome and so happy to see how much you all like it...it means a lot to me...so thank you all. My next tune is in the pipeline and it's gonna be very dark indeed...a real Jekyll and Hyde trip...you have been warned!!! Take care people....speak to ya all again soon!

Armageddon To Go!!!

Hi!! Yesterday's vocal recording went GREAT!!!.,..no problems or technical difficulties...first time for everything eh?!! Will post new song for ya when mixed. As I was on a roll yesterday,thought I'd chance me luck and remix "Armageddon To Go", a song I was havin a LOTTTA problems gettin right mixwise and I'm pleased to say it worked out.Enjoy!!!!X