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Reverbnation Page set up

Hmm, guess it's finally time to check this Reverbnation thing out :) I'm kinda diggin' it; the store aspect is really nice :) Already got an album processing in the store now; it's my very first soundtrack album I wrote way back in 1999 for an Ultima Online server a friend of my brother's was working on, called Realms Of Lore. Though it's 11 years old, there's some really good stuff there, and for $3.99, you really can't lose. If you want to buy just a couple tracks off it, you can do that to, for 49 cents apiece; if you go that route, I highly recommend "We, The Elves", "Tomorrow Killer", and "Look To The Future", though others, such as "City Of Beasts", "Chaotic Beat", and "Do You Fear Me?" are excellent choices as well.