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Single Release Party-January 17, 2015

SAVE the DATE!! I will releasea single on January 17, 2015! Midday Records is holding another "Midday Release Party". This time the event is at AS220 in Providence and along with myself ~ Sunshine Riot, Pistol Shot Gypsy, etc will all be releasing new material at the event.

Here's what's up

Here we are in the midst of summer... music is flowing and everything is laid back. I will begin working on my new solo album early fall. Many of the songs are written - and recording plans are under way. I am really excited - this will be a true multi-genre record. All of my life's influences are sitting at the bar... mixing it up!!!

Happy New Year!

2012 has been an amazing year of change and growth! Although I focus much of my time on Fall & Bounce as the lead singer/lyricist - I continue to write songs/music/poetry - daily. It is part of my breath and way. Some days it is a line or two - a verse, a short poem, or an entire song...it is what gets me through this crazy world we live in. I try to take what I feel others can relate to or enjoy and share it. I know how listening to music/words helps me through my struggles and enhances my good times. I am inspired by the great music I hear - many of it is from unknown artists that I find in the local Providence music scene, which is alive with vibe and soul! This upcoming year - 2013 - will continue to be transformative. Soon I begin work on a new solo EP that will hopefully be out by November 2013. I will create more music with Fall & Bounce. I also have many exciting ideas that I am mulling over that will hopefully come to fruition. I will share that once it is solid. For now, happy new year to you! I wish you the best continuation of your journey! I hope you have enjoyed the ride so far - I thank you for your support and I will get new music on this page soon for your listening pleasure! Peace! Malyssa xxoox

Tammy Laforest
Tammy Laforest  (about 5 years ago)

I can't wait to hear your new stuff!

About this Page and Where I'm Going With It...

I keep this page for you ~~ the listener ~~ maybe you are a fan, a friend, a passer by; or all three rolled into one...well to keep it interesting and fresh I rotate some of the songs here... I have new stuff all of the time, some of it is professionally recorded, some of it is out of my home studio, some of it is recorded to my iPhone.

I'm glad you are visiting and I want you to come back... Leave me a comment...send me a message... I love hearing from you!


"Wounds" written by Malyssa BellaRosa; music co-written by George Dussault of Galilee Studios Production, arrangement, all instruments ~ George Vocals - Malyssa this song is one of the more fragile songs on the album...Moving On and Music is My Soul are also also on the album... celebrating diversity... not adversity... from new release "Open Up"

My heart is a fragile instrument of my light I try to imagine what it would be like to believe like I should to love so free but I've got these wounds deep within me

I've got wounds deep deep wounds

My heart has a passion I won't let them steal so I hide her deep and I tell her to believe but I've got these wounds deep within me

I try not to feel the pain Keep myself numb and safe I try not to feel the pain (You've numbed yourself again) Keep myself numb and safe (You've numbed yourself again)

scar over these wounds scar over these wounds scar over these wounds

"Open Up" Press Release


MALYSSA BELLAROSA Releases Solo CD of 9 original songs entitled “Open Up”

Malyssa BellaRosa’s CD/digital release ~"OPEN UP"~ is complete and a party has been scheduled for Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 9 pm at the Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, Providence. This CD/digital album contains nine of Malyssa’s singer/songwriter songs produced and arranged by George Dussault of Galilee Studios.

THE COVER for the Spot Underground is $5 ~~ the CD will be available that evening for a mere $5 as well ($10 after). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the charity “Food for the Poor.” The music is also available as a digital download for $10 at www.vibedeck.com/malyssabellarosa using PayPal.

Malyssa BellaRosa and George Dussault (special guests to be announced) will perform the songs on the CD at the onset of the release party. It will be a true celebration of song and spirit!

Following the intermission, Fall & Bounce will take the stage. Fall & Bounce is Malyssa’s ultimate passion project that has evolved from an acoustic duo consisting of Malyssa and Bill Reed to a full band with the addition of Christine Hauck on bass and Jamie Craighead on drums. Bill writes the music and plays guitar, Malyssa is the lyrcist/singer, Christine adds creative basslines and Jamie provides a solid and moving beat. They are a rock band with infusions of blues, pop, alt folk ~~ hints of other stuff in there too www.facebook.com/fallandbounce.

Rounding out the evening is a band called MiZ. The style of MiZ, has been described as a fusion of folk, rock, bluegrass and blues. www.facebook.com/mizmusic

ABOUT THE RELEASE “OPEN UP” Malyssa BellaRosa enlisted the skills of producer George Dussault of Galilee Productions (http://www.galileeprod.com). The Providence Phoenix calls him "an all around idea guy...a major talent..." “George is extremely professional and efficient, but those qualities are second to the creativeness and musical intuition he possesses.” says Malyssa. George performs much of the music on the disc as well as having his hand in the arrangement, engineering and production. Malyssa continues to say, “For me having someone as talented as George was the best way to bring out the essence of my songs. I play guitar, George plays better – it was always about how to make the song shine. I did all of the singing, which is what I feel ties all of the songs together. For me it really is about conveying the emotion and I feel I can get the emotion out with the voice.” The cover art was drawn by a local artist named Mac MacDougall of Mac Ink Art. “Mac had me come in, we put the “Open Up” disc in, drank wine out of jelly jars and he came out with the drawing. I was so surprised that he saw through my nervous silly behavior and felt that it was perfect. He is a true artist.” The CD design was done by Christine Hauck.

Three of the songs on the release were written to songwriter themes, “Never Be” for a RISA Songwriters-in-the-Round; “One Headlight Out” and “Music is my Soul” for 4 Corners at the Mediator Stage. Two of the songs on the disc placed in the “Song of the Year” contest, “Lover Undercover” received an “Artist Placement” in 2010 and “All My Love” received a “Semi-Finalist” placement in 2011.

For more information about Malyssa, visit www.facebook.com/malyssabellarosa



Coming Soon "Open Up" 9-song CD release will be available to download for $10 ~ October 2011