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Blue Fantasy

In the studio finishing up Blue Fantasy!!. A slow blues song.

Blue Fantasy

New song coming soon!! This song is "Blue Fantasy" A dedication to my experience at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas!! Peace!!

Pearl Black & Mike Brennan Combine Forces

"Everytime The Wind Blows" was a great song to add Bass, Drums, & Slide Guitar too. This is a ruff copy, still working on some parts but you can get a good idea of how "Everytime The Wind Blows" sounds with a full band. Hope you ENJOY!

Shop Talk " Why Do I Need To Use A Metronome"

My next Shop Talk is on timing, counting, and I have a great Ozzy audition story to share with you, a lesson learned. Mike Brennan

Guitar Groove Master

Guitar Groove Master series is ready to go. Lesson one you'll learn how to play open power chords, you will also learn how to play with a drummer. Lesson One is based on whole, half, and quarter note grooves. Great for the beginner guitar player. Thank You! Mike Brennan