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It's been a little while since our last entry. However, we have been very busy. We are presently in pre-production of our new album, which we are presently calling "Roots". We as a band, wanted to get back to what made us who we are as musicians in the first place. And what came out was an amazing mix of rock, blues, metal, with a dash of southern rock mixed in for good measure. Recording should start in the fall. But until then, we are also touring nation wide. So, come check us out! You may be treated to a little preview of the new album. But, if you don't show, you'll never know. Until we meet again, stay strong Selmates.


We'd like to thank everyone for their support. Our new single is out to buy and can be yours for just $1.29. At Amazon.com or google play Music. Silversel-Dead and Gone go get yourself a copy :)

Single Release

At 12:00 A.M. Our new single "Dead and Gone" shall be released and able to be purchased! !!


What's up Selmates! I'd like for you guys tip go and check out a radio station called West Coast Radio. A cool kat by the name of "The Rev" is playing some awesome classic rock and also. . A good bit of Silversel! :) you can check it out by going here. Westcoastradio.weebly.com. request some Silversel while your there :)

Singles Release!!!

September 30th will be our singles release from our new upcoming album Battlegrounds. The Single is titled Dead and Gone and will be broadcasted across the world. So stay tuned and keep your ears open :).

Exclusive!!!! For All The Selmates

Attention all Selmates!!! Would you like to get exclusive access to the new album from Silversel?!?! All you have to do is join our mailing list. That's it! When you join we will give you exclusive access to a few of the newly recorded tracks from the upcoming album "Where Angels Dare". Just go to reverbnation.com/silversel and put in your email address. Don't forget to join the street team while you're there to get updates on new missions, contests, and exclusive access to meet and greets before and after shows.

"Grits"....recording in the south

Greetings Selmates!

As you may already know, we recently returned from Tennessee recording our latest album "Where Angels Dare"(Mira Vista). Steve "Grits" Grisham,who recorded and produced the album, was an absolute riot and a great mentor all at the same time. All be it a joint effort,we have to give credit where credit is due and it is defiantly due to Steve. Getting this album done in such a short amount of time was due to his Jedi like patients("you must become one with the click"), and amazing insight into how we wanted the record to sound.

As with any recording process, the late nights and early mornings, were well worth it in the end. The record sounds amazing. And we would like to say thank you to "Grits" for all his hard work on this effort.

New Album to be Released Soon

Our new album that we've just finished recording will be released soon. We will keep posting blogs to let our fans know the exact date. We would personaly like to thank Miravista Studios along with all the fans for all of your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!