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reverbnation.......from c-fitted

im happy to be a part of the reverbnation,it gives artist's like myself, as well as others, the chance to share our music with a large audience of musical talents and listeners.....music is one of the most amazing things this world has to offer.......ive been influenced by not only the greatest musicians of song but the feeling it gives you, the writing.....the instrument sounds...and being able to record in a studio...whether it be a professional one or just a home setup......its plain an simple fun........thanks for the people who took a chance to have a listen....artist who support other artist's keep this music alive....

Unknown Reality
Unknown Reality  (almost 7 years ago)

I have a home setup and im still learning how to use it but i love hip hop so much and to hear a person like u who's in the game inspires me to not only to keep going but not feel bad that im not recording in some big fancy studio.