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Noise in the Basement

So last night was pretty awesome. We were the last band featured and Jeff shamelessly plugged his recording studio on the radio but... it was crazy fun.

You really feel the energy going in there; Matt Davis might have built up a tolerance to it but Ken said he could tell that a lot of people from the prior bands were excited to be in there because he could feel the residue energy in the room and it got him amped up. He couldn't stop smiling and laughing.

Mike, on the other hand, was texting everyone to turn on the radio. Rodger was wearing Mike's Ushanka (Russian for "Ear Flaps Hat") with a t-shirt and shorts. Lulz.

Jeff seemed more talkative than normal so I think he felt it, too.

TONIGHT, at Bourbon St & The Quarter (on Guilford Ave.) in Baltimore City, Maryland! We go on at 10 but from 8-9, the bar is OPEN, so ... FREE DRINKS!!