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New Song Release!! Something Better!!!

We are happy to post a new song for your Sunday night groove, Something Better!! We hope you enjoy it. Share, share, share, there and there!!

New Song Release: "Drinkin' The Coffee"

Before the year comes to a close, we would like to thank the fans for listening and showing continued interest in our music. Keeping that sentiment in mind, we would also like to offer up a new song for your enjoyment, "Drinkin' The Coffee". Dave Parker is the featured guitarist on this one and I feel very fortunate to have recorded with him. I wrote most of this song while driving on a long country road to my sister's house and ironically, it just wouldn't go to sleep in my head. Recorded in two takes in Dave's living room, it seemed just right. We hope you like it. Now, sit back and have yourself an acoustic, raw cup of fun!!

Tracy Singer-Songwriter Night!

I know it's short notice, but if you're in the area, and would like to have a night of music, we'd love to see you. I'll be singing my new song, "Drinkin' The Coffee". When: Tonight at 7:00. Where: Tracy Singer-Songwriter Night! Tracy Performing Arts Foundation 729 N Central Ave, Tracy, California 95376 $5.00 Donation at the door will help support arts in Tracy and future events like this.

Honey Side Up

Branching off from JARL and COE, I have embarked upon a new avenue of writing and collaboration with a very talented musician named Bernt Strom. He has been both inspirational and very patient while helping me bring to fruition the music that runs through my head. I see the need for a new group name, one that captures a more positive feeling to my endeavors, and Bernt has also offered the name, "Honey Side Up" for this project. Whomever works with me will be part of this name as I feel it is quite fitting. Our first song out, "Honeybird," is also partially inspirational for the new band name. It's been almost two years since I released a new song and I'm very excited about the way this one turned out. I hope to continue production on many more songs with Bernt.

The Return

After a two year hiatus, I'll be performing JARL and COE songs at an exclusive private party on September 15th. This was a performance package that was purchased at a school fund raiser a few months before JARL and COE split. I've been remastering our songs and omitting my vocals so that I'm able to sing live to my music. It should prove to be a ton of fun and the beginning path to future performances. I'll be singing under the name, "Velvet Box."

Starting Over

JARL and COE have officially ended their run. I have many songs that need to be recorded and this page will remain active to stand as an example of what is possible. A huge thank you goes out to all the fans that have supported our efforts during our years together. You are very much appreciated and I will never forget your kindness. Look to this page for news about future collaborations I'll have with new musicians as there are already plans being made to continue making music. Again, thank you! This is not a "good bye". It's a "see you later"! Much Love, Carl Schreiber

Rock Star Holiday

Six years ago JARL and COE was in it's infancy. We had many songs I'd already written to play with but in between those, we enjoyed freestyle performing/writing. Our recordings were unpolished, There were programmed drums and second or even first take completions on guitars and vocals. These recordings are special to me because they were written on the spot (form of auto-writing) and recorded immediately. Floaty in structure and fun to play live. We're on holiday now and I'm just sitting here at home in my pajamas. Hope you enjoy this rare, radio demo mix of Rock Star Holiday. ~ Carl