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Ervin's biography

Ervin has released eight full-length albums to date, stylistically ranging from hard rock and psychedelia to folk and blues, and ranging over a twenty year timespan. Having written his first song at the tender age of sixteen, Ervin is an experienced songwriter and guitar player. After forming such bands as Smash Palace and Bluebonnet Plague in Houston, his first release, "Concrete Jungle" (1991) was recorded at Deep Dot Studios. A live show resulted in his second release, "Smash Palace" (1992). Later sessions at SugarHill Studios in Houston resulted in his third release, "Artifact" (1994). Throughout the 90's, Ervin played the local club scene regularly in Houston and Austin, including as third opener for David Lee Roth. The end of the millenium saw his fourth release, "Goodnight Junebug" (1999). He then moved to Sarasota, played around town for a couple of years, then produced his fifth release "Is It True" (2002), as well as a sixth release compilation entitled "Admixture" (2003) which included some new tracks as well as some unreleased older stuff. His seventh release was "The Emergent Sea" (2004). His eighth release "Freefall" (1998) is now available. Ervin has sold out of stock in his CD's at local retail venues, so sales are mail-order only for the time being. He has also received radio airplay of his music and his name, and is also currently accumulating recording royalties for an Internationally released CD with other musicians sold through East Avenue Records. Thank you for your interest!