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5 Award Nominations and Video Star App

Well September has already been an amazing month! I have been touring with the Teen Nation Tour in Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri and Mississppi performing and talking to school aged kids about anti bullying. We reached over 14,000 kids!

I also found out that I have been nominated for 5 awards with IMEA and NSAI and look forward to seeing how that turns out.

I am also up for Male YouTube artist of the month in Star Central Magazine. Voting has been tight and is done Sept 10th so if you wanna vote for me I'd really appreciate it! http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/male-youtube-artists/2013/08/20/male-youtube-artists-august-2013/

To top it all off, my single "All I Ever Wanted" is the featured song on the 'Video Star' app which has been downloaded 8 Million times Worldwide so some great exposure!

I look forward to what the future holds and I can't Thank you all enough for all the support and encouragement along the way.

3 Tyler

Official Music Video for All I Ever Wanted is Here!

Hey Everyone, Thanks for being so incredibly patient while I got my Official music video for All I Ever Wanted, just right. I hope it was worth the wait! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf5pAVvv3pI If you like it, please thumbs up, comment, subscribe and Share it!

My New Mobile Fan Club is Here!

I've been searching for a while for a great way to contact my dedicated Matlizer's and I finally found it! I Officially announced my Mobile Fan Club to everyone on May 10th!

You can text Tyler to 44622 for a FREE download of my hit single "Filthy Liar" and be entered in to win a Free Concert from me!

As a Matlizer Mobile Fan Club member you will also receive exclusive photo's, behind the scenes videos, Meet and Greet Passes and Special Discounted Merch pricing.

You will also be one of the first to hear if I am coming to Your City and how to get tickets.

I hope you will join me today. It's Easy. Text Tyler to 44622 from your mobile phone and your in. Some plans don't allow for it : ( and other may apply data rates.

3 Tyler

It's Here, It's Here!!! Searching for Juliet Saturday

Can I say I'm sooooo excited! I think you're really gonna love the new improved sound and songs on my next EP 'Searching for Juliet'.

I hope you will join me Friday April 12th at 8PM EST on www.prepophits.com for my Official Listening Party. They are gonna play the entire EP and I will be talking about my inspiration behind each song and more.

Thanks for all your love and support!


OMG! Houston Texas Here I Come!

If you are anywhere near Houston Texas or can find a way to get there, You Will NOT want to miss the OMG Music Fest! Me, Jill Jenson, PSanders, Eben Frankowitz, The Boye Brothers, Paeton Rae and more on April 20th. Get your Tickets Today! www.omgmusicfest.com

Release Date Announced for New EP!

Hey Everyone, I'm so very excited to share with you the music on my New EP 'Searching for Juliet'. The EP contains six songs that I'm extremely proud of.

The Official Release date has been Set for Saturday April 13th, 2013! I have uploaded a preview of each song on YouTube in case you can't wait, you can hear it first here!


Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



Best Fans in the World!

Hey Everyone,

Can I just tell you I have the most amazing fans in the world! 2013 has already been amazing! Thanks to you, I won Radio Nation's Pop Artist of the Year for 2012!

2013 also brought me to the 12,000 mark on Facebook and I finally hit #1 on the charts for Singer/Songwriter on Reverbnation.

I'm excited to announce that I will be releasing a new single very soon and my EP "Searching For Juliet" will also be released in April!!

You guys are really the best!

Love ya!


2012 Full Of Blessings

2012 has been a great year so far and it's looking like 2013 is gonna be the biggest yet! I have a tour dates set for Oregon, Kentucky and Ohio so far in 2013.

As of right now in 2012, I am nominated for awards in three countries! In the US I'm up for Favorite Mainstream Teen Artist on the Independent Music Network! www.independentmusicnetwork.com

I'm nominated in three categories for Radio Nation in Canada but it is broadcast worldwide! www.radionation.ca

And finally in Australia I'm up for the 2012 Stars of Tomorrow on http://www.radio2rdj.com and Triple H FM 100.1.

I cannot thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given me in 2012! You have made me feel Super Human!

**2013 Searching for Juliet Tour**

Can I just tell you how am excited I am to be going on tour in 2013!

So here's the deal with the Tour, It is a totally FAN DRIVEN TOUR. Meaning, YOU the Fans get to decide where I will be playing!

Here's how it works. You want me to come to a concert in your City. A Tour stop is created and we work together to get tickets sold to fund the stop.

You tell your friends, use social media, emails, flyers, word of mouth of any other creative ideas you can think of to tell people about the concert and get them to purchase the tickets.

Our Team also does our part to promote the tour stop and sell tickets. We will use social media, press releases, radio stations and flyers as well as other creative ways to partner with you.

Once the Tour stop is funded through advance ticket sales, we will announce the date and venue. You will not be charged if your Tour stop does not fund so its a win/win situation.

Ready to Rock N Roll with me? Let's do this Matlizers! Check out http://gigfunder.com/fan_driven_tours/384 and see if your city already has a stop created...if it does, buy your ticket and start spreading the word.

If you don't see your city, add it and spread the word after you get your ticket!

I truly can't wait to see where YOU the Fans bring me in 2013!



Back In Tenneessee

I had a blast traveling around meeting lots of great new friends and fans on the West Coast. Really glad to be back home for a while hanging out with family and friends.

Hope you all are enjoying Super Human and the video! I'm finishing up my EP "Searching for Juliet" while I'm home so hope you are excited for it!

3 Tyler