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New music – ”Eternity”

A new piece of music presented in two versions, one for solo piano and one more orchestral.

When composing I started this as a solo piano piece, but I found the melody well suited for many variations. So I also did a version, with the same solo piano as base but with more instruments added. If you’re familiar with my music, you’ll recognize some typical traits for sure. The most notable instruments here are oboe, flute and an “Oooh”-choir spiced up with heavy drums. Yes, heavy drums in a tender piece like this!? It is a experiment for sure but also a combination of my favorite instruments. Is there a place for heavy drums in a tender piece of music like this? Feel free to let me know what you think!

You’ll find both versions in my playlist: Eternity (solo piano) & Eternity (orchestral)

And maybe there will be more variations on this music in the future!

Thanks for listening.

Comments about some new songs

Three new pieces of music!

The first one is called “Ancient Stories”, composed to create inner images, a rather narrative and storytelling piece of music. The base is strings, with viola and cello as solo instruments, and then flavor is added by harp, alpenhorn and timpani. But the main thing about this music are the flutes! I have used a piccola flute, a flute, a bass recorder, an alto flute and an Irish whistle to add color and to create the soundscape of this piece. Lots of variation in the piece and my favorite part is actually the last 10 seconds where an all new motif is introduced before it fades out. Like a "To be continued..." ending, open for free interpretation by the listener! Close your eyes and listen!

The other piece of music is called “Variations on A Little Piece of My Heart”. This melody is one of my all time favorites and I could do variations on it forever! This time I’ve used a very sparse arrangement, a piano, just one note in a time, backed up with a little string section. I love composing these very minimalistic pieces with a big emotional impact. The original piece, “A Little Piece of My Heart”, can be found in my player as well.

The Last piece of music is called "Warriors!". Brutal and powerful music, I just love using different big drums, pure fun!!! A nod to the late maestro Basil Poledouris on this one!

Hope you enjoy the music! Thanks for listening.