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Daniel Day Gallery

Played at Daniel Day Gallery Sunday afternoon and it was an absolute blast.. I recommend all my blues fans pay them a visit. We will be back soon so come on out and see us..

SSS March 16th

Ok friends..This Sunday March 14th I have my son Kirk playing the show along with Jon Davis...both are awesome musicians and songwriters..Kirk fronts his band An Abstract Theory and Jon is a great drummer and plays guitar and writes some amazing songs.He recorded an album at The Nutthouse and it is great. Also coming to the show a great songwriter and song promoter with credits to getting some songs in the hands of some big named artist ..Belinda Jackson...she is also an artist and will be the first artist to display her wares during the showcase.You looking for something to do on a Sunday evening??? come on out to the Singing River Bar and Grill 7 till 10 for a night of local music and art.

The Shoals Songwriters Showcase

The Shoals Songwriters Showcase at The Singing River Bar & Grill 4900 hatch Blvd Sheffield Alabama

I'm excited about this round of the SSS. Its gonna be much different than before. Just to refresh everyone's memory ..this is a songwriters showcase. I have 2 writers join me for each show.We will be set up in the round swapping songs for a while . If there are some writers who come out and want to play a couple songs I will accommodate you after the featured artist . Since it will be a writers night I request that everyone please listen to our songs and keep the conversations down to a tolerable level. It aint the Bluebird folks but we can try.Let your friends know.

Thanks Maxwell D Russell

Gips Place

An unbelievable night for the Shakedown Kings.. the last of the real juke joints in Alabama. We made many new friends and had some of our best friends come out to enjoy the music ,friendship and love that was abundant . I plane to go back and play again soon with the SDK's and if i'm down that way for any other reason i will be there just for the hell of it. I hope that every Alabamian and lover of blues music and a good time will do themselves a big favor and visit Gips..Keeping the flame burning. Peace Maxwell D Russell

I dont just play blues

i love blues music more than any form of music i know...but its not all i do. i am a songwriter ...it what i do. i have yet to make any real money at it but thats not why i write songs. it would be nice to get a payday sometime tho.i have co-written some great songs with some successful writers but usually write alone. i have be honored by some folks when they play songs i have written,or when someone tells me they like a song of mine. i have been playing music semi professionally for nearly 30 years ....mainly in northwest alabama and surrounding states. i have been lucky enough to work with musicians over the years who respect me as a writer and understand that i dont do many cover songs. i have been playing my music from thefirst band i ever started and i dont see that changing anytime soon.soooo if you wanna here Free Bird put some money in the jukebox.