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The show must go on

Hey Folks! We have an important announcement to share with you all. We owe everything we have to our fans and everyone that shows up and supports us. We are forever grateful for all you have done. With that being said we would like to take this opportunity to announce the departure of founding member Hank Jefferson, and bassist Gabe Lefferts as they move on to pursue interests of their own. We wish them both the best with these future endeavors as they will be missed greatly. This weekend will be the last weekend of the Erik Caron Connection, however a few members will continue on with their musical careers under a different name. Some of the songs, and surely the good times will remain the same, so please come to our show this Saturday at the Nines at 10pm to see our friends off with us. Stay tuned for the new band and as always, Rock Steady.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken....

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Our Saturday was spend relaxing, playing, and making our final preparations for the big night at Kilkpatrick's. The show started rocking at 10PM and we played non-stop until the wee hours of the night. No other way to describe it other than it was an absolute blast. We played fan favorites like a super fun version of Devil's Coming, Always, Sex Song, and Superman. We also debuted Moonlight Dances and a newly updated 5-Part Harmony version of Lying Eyes. Also on that list are some fresh covers like a rocking version of Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix, and Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. We'll be playing some dates around town soon so we'll see you then!

Oh what a night!

Last night was spent at The Nines with our good friends Second Dam. It was an unreal night! The crowd was amazing and brought that energy right up there!! We can't seem to stop talking about it and how much fun it was.

Setlist: Moon Man Theif Always Secretly Devil's Comin' Sex Song

See you all lovely people at Kilpatrick's next week!

Who likes winter tours?

I do! Last night was an evening of not-too-productive practicing and some good tour planning. It'll be like our last winter tour but way better in every way. More info coming soon. Heads up!

Back and Louder than ever

We are hitting this upcoming semester full throttle. With a few shows booked before we got back to Ithaca, and more and more pouring in. New songs are in the works and older songs are getting a face lift. We have lots of talent hanging out in one room when were together and you can feel the strong creative energy. The best way to see whats going on with us is by checking out our shows coming up! some good ones in the next few weeks.

Show Time Go Time

Summer: the birds are chirping, the sun is blazing, and the music is blaring. Summer means something different for everyone, but for us it means playing music and spending time with all of you beautiful people. We are more than ecstatic to be playing as many shows as possible around New Hampshire. More importantly however, we'd like to announce the addition of the newest member to the family: Sam Reibman - the incredible saxophone player who brings the sweet sweet sounds to your ears like bread on butter...or peanut butter and jelly...or pastrami and cottage cheese, wait no, not that. Regardless, he adds level of depth to our tunes and we're excited to have him on board. We might also be welcoming a new drummer during the next few weeks. The Ithaca College show was amazing, with a great follow up at New Hampton School! Thanks to all you amazing fans for being you! Stay tuned for more videos and updates of summer shenanigans from the ECC Rock steady! ~The Connection

News you say?

Why hello chaps, it seems we are here yet again. An incandescent blog entry long overdue that explains our whereabouts. Currently the ECC is hard at work on album two and still finding shows to play. We've had an inconvenient setback with the loss of the extremely talented drummer and founding member, Patrick Dea, but we're still looking for drummers as we speak. "So what can we look for in the future?" you ask? You can look forward to a new album that we think is 5x better (after careful calculation) than Reflective Impressions, and smaller shows as often as possible. We miss you all dearly and we hope your year is going well. Be merry wear pants, ~ECC

It takes two tango? I don't believe it.

Well it might, but we're no dancers to make that decision. Again, its been a long time since we've been able to talk to all y'all. We've been hard at work with school, work, and writing. With all that writing we're pleased to announce that album 2 will definitely be recorded starting this end of December! Concepts and names for the album are in the early stages but we're looking at something like, "Rabbit Holes and Wouldn't You Knows." We're so incredibly excited to get this show on the road and bring some more sweet sounds to you. The album is about the sweeter things in life. The sweetest things are never necessarily the happiest moments in your life - they are the moments when you feel the most. This can easily be the feeling of falling for a certain someone and not only walking on the clouds, but bringing the unattainable clouds to you and skipping on them. At the same time however it can be when you're lost and kicking the loose rocks ahead of you trying to find some meaning for yourself. The music on album 2 does a great job of capturing these things and bringing the very fiber they come from into your ears. It's been a blast writing them and we hope that you can have the same moments with the songs that we have and will have with each listen or play. Thats the biggest news on this end. Keep us updated with your lives and have a happy holidays guys! ~The Connection

Long Time No Talk

We've lost contact with you amazing people since September 1st it seems. We've been busy practicing and writing new songs for our next album, taking away from our time with you unfortunately. It looks like we may start recording album 2 these next few winter months and finish up in the summer. Its in such early stages we don't even know where we're at with it. We're gonna try and get on the road this winter and summer as well and get the chance to play for all of you! Getting back to writing has been a real enjoyment after producing album one. Since then we were featured on an ICTV show: Panorama (you should really check it out! It's a very neat show), been in the paper, and playing shows. But back to the return of writing. Its out of these winter months that people can always come together and make the best of anything. A warming feeling can rush across you as you enter your house from the crisp blistering cold - the same feeling when you give someone a great hug during the first whimsical snowfall. It's really the small things in life that are impeccable, and some of the new tunes capture that. If we can spread that joy to you through our music, the same way it brings joy for us to play it, then we couldn't ask for more. Stay tuned for more, or more importantly tell us about your favorite holiday feelings and experiences. ~Happy Holiday from the Connection

Reflective Impressions IS OUT

From the depths of the Two Broke Dudes Studio - The Erik Caron's Connection's debut album, "Reflective Impressions" is out! It's been extremely fun making it and promoting it. We hope you like it!Stay tuned for upcoming shows and news! ~The Connection