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the new disc

Almost two years ago I completed my first CD that was entitled "Kicking the Clown." I am still very proud of the work on that disc, but it took almost, no it actually did take ten years to finish. The biggest emotion I felt upon its completion was relief, as opposed to the excitement I should have felt. The new cd entitled "Exercising Demons" is almost complete, and from my own personal perspective I feel it is a much more accurate representation of where I am at from a musical standpoint. It's all brand new material that I can't wait to unleash on anyone that may be interested in taking this musical journey with me. If all goes according to plan, (which it pretty much NEVER does) the cd should be ready for release in early August. Until then, I plan on putting a few of the new tracks up here and I'd love to hear your feedback, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. The song I've chosen to put up today is called "Room 619." It features my first collaboration with a great friend and artist George Rogers, who was kind enough to lay down some sweet slide guitar. I hope you enjoy it.