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Rockin' Ronnie..

No. I Local...Lethbridge, Alberta..(Country.. No. 3 National Charts..(Canada)...(country) No. 16 Global, Charts...(Country).. No. 192 Global, All Genre, Charts... 11,000, Fans...110,000 Plays..

"Jenny's Pocket Full Of Dreams".

I have nine songs from that album listed, most of them were self penned and recorded in 1975. "Buckskin And Leather" was on most the country charts here in Canada, released in the summer of 1976. Have a listen to them, I've been getting very good comments on mostly all the songs...Buckskin And Leather...and...Bottle on the Table...Seem to be the two favorites....I live in Southern Alberta Canada....Lethbridge, and if any of you entertainers from Nashville, or any other parts of the world come to this area, I want to be contacted. I would really like to see as many of friends and Fans as possible. Thank-You, and I wish you all the very best...Rockin' Ronnie...

Ellis Girrard
Ellis Girrard  (almost 8 years ago)

Your awsome pal, so glad to have listened to your great songs, such a pleasant voice,Im a bit jeolous! Thanks for sharing your songs to the world of internet.