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Song is available for download and also on the soundcloud.com/livefrom434 page. Thank You to everyone for the support, the latest video is at 70k views. Please keep sharing thx.

New Music

New Songs are up and even more are on the way. Follow me @livefrom434 on anything major.

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My Beat Team


The Movement

Was good my people. Seeing that the world is still needing that heat rock so ima keep givin it to you. Uploaded a lil video for the "Sound of Silence" shout outs to A.dot Productions for the beat. The song comes off mighty nice and i wanted to add some visual to it. Been killing alot of beats lately, reaching back and pulling out the ol skool sample ish me n ken star were on like 96 we was all over the sample game and then hova dropped blueprint and kayne waa sample gold and then the beatsite we used to get instros from went crazy with samples so we was downloading and rapping on mad tracks like "The Heart of the Streets" I mean you have no clue man. We was snipers on a sample like "yo tha junt got a sample on it..play tha junt" n if tha shit was hot we would do something epic to it. Im ramblin but tha was reflectin on the samples so im murkin beats as is right now thankin bout releasing this mixtape ive been sittin on and then the subsequent album i got waiting but we will see. Ima keep uploading unreleased songs for you tho since we got 1000s. Hit me at livefrom434@gmail.com for whatever keep it fresh yero


Was good people. I was chillin on the charts for the longest time not really updating my page for whatever reason. But now that im grinding...things is picking up. I kinda wanted to hold on to these songs I got on the playlist because they are like 4 5 years old and go to certain albums and mixtapes but I gotta get the word out so alot of my older material is becoming available. Now dont forget my homie Ken Star, Big Poe and Devious Kneival they are all on reverb so check them out to. I cosign them as hot.