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Hello, from The Pink My name is Bud!

If you haven’t been to my page before, check out my recordings @ http://www.reverbnation.com/budspink#! If you like the music, please Join the Mailing List for future release of my home-studio productions.

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What is “The Pink”? Located in the Music Capitol of Southern Mason Neck, Woodbridge VA,

The Pink is an avenue where like minded musicians, singers and part-time wannabes can perform an instrument, promote ideas and forward to fellow partners a song at it’s basic level. What if this tune in your head needs an audience? No words? Well just hum it. Do you have a song to sing? The Pink can create a presentation of your idea. Would like your idea placed in music manuscript? Maybe your next level is giving the band mates a MP3 file by e-mail so they can practice at home before a band rehearsal. The Pink can provide common formats for your distribution. The Pink’s target audience is like minded musicians, singers and part time wannabes. Would like to record a solo for you special someone that will play it while you’re on that midnight gig, one-hundred miles away? (YEA! RIGHT) Here is an option. Send all contacts and inquiries to Budspink@verizon.net . Any questions or offers can be discussed with a casual everyday handshake. . Phone contact can be made: 703 490 3692. Please leave your thought and contact number on a brief message and I will hit you back ASAP. If by reading this, your mind thought, HMMMM? Please continue. The first step just might be right here. If creative input is beyond my experience and education, I will inform you on what is over the river and through the woods. • The Pink is a tool for documentation. It is used to collaborate, accompany and perfect performance and document in a digital form. There is no improvisational genius here. There are only tools to get your hum on paper.

• The Pink has advanced midi drum sequencing features of unlimited styles. Also, whether it’s a room for a realistic string quartet or a hip hop keyboardist, The Pink will record a live instrument, while a midi sequence is in playback. • The Pink is a DAW. (Digital Audio Workstation). With this platform a singer, songwriter or troubadour can digitally record a rhythmic foundation that can be built upon mixed and edited.

• The Pink has unlimited tracks to embed dry accompaniment with virtual or conventional instruments. Using Cakewalk’s Producer Edition http://www.cakewalk.com/ of studio software, enhancement (studio effects) mixed within multiple tracked instruments, whether it’s vocal or midi implementation, can all be approached with an Abbey Road can do spirit. Though I prefer an organized approach to a musical arrangement, a foundation can be spontaneously created, edited, documented, copyrighted and burned to disk with in a short reasonable time. Robert “Bud” Pratt

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"Bare Essential Studios" Woodbridge VA 22191 703 490 3692