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New Songs

More new songs up, just uploaded "One Man Strong", and "Never Forget"


New songs up and running("Liquor Store", and "Fortunate Son")


So it's been a while since the last blog entry, busy busy busy I guess. We have an upcoming open mic night to go to on monday but no drummer so we'll see how that goes

poopty puepty pants

unfortunately our drummer will be takin about two weeks off so it'll just be guitar and bass for practice, at least it's not a complete loss though. Right now just setting up some equipment for another tastey jam session...


so today probably no practice so I'm gonna write some new stuff and practice what we got

tastey jam session

So we just got back from an awesome jam session and we are enjoying playing with our new drummer. he's gettin used to the songs and alvin is annihilating the bass now...prepare yourselves for the circle pits...


alright, we need your guys' support. If you like the band go to our reverbnation.com page and listen to a few songs. Also we need you guys to spread the word to your friends and if they like it to add it on their facebook


So yesterday we jammed with our new drummer who is fucking amazing. Went through our setlist, played all our songs and drank some beers...very busy day


today just chillin and makin sure everything is in order, then maybe later jammin some more and gettin more fans and support on facebook, reverbnation.com and myspace

Drummer update

I think we just found a new drummer last night. It's up to him if he wants to play but we'll find out soon. That means upcoming shows...