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Muy Bueno Cinco de Mayo!

We had a great time playing at El Guapo's Cinco party. An awesome crowd was there that we saw dancing and singing along and who gave us many compliments on our song choices. Thank you all!

Band Restructuring

Rhythm Report is currently restructuring. We have recently lost a couple of members who have moved on to different projects and we wish them the best of luck in the future. We would like to welcome our new kickin' ass drummer Cameron. He really rocks it out and has brought a bigger sound and some new songs to the band as well as a couple of upcoming gigs that we are beginning to rehearse for. Look for a revamped lineup with a little more rockin' sound to be out and about this spring and summer.

Dub Cross Tribute

Played a few songs at the Dub Cross Tribute at Mooney's Sunset Bar and Grill on Grand Lake in Disney, OK on Sunday evening. We had some very positive response from the staff and bar patrons.

positive experiences

Last night was my first "jam" experience. As someone who played with organized musicians in large groups...I have to say, jamming totally terrified me! I was actually nervous...no music, no practice....no rehearsal! How can this be? I have never been nervous before performing, but this was totally different! Sat for hours...just about the time I was ready to leave and starting to pack up....one of the other musicians said...no really, go on up...really....I did...still nervous, hand shaking...I started! People turned around...gathered at the front....I just can't tell you how good that made me feel. All these old jazz/blues guys...then me....it worked...positive comments! It was good night!

Blogging Class

So the educator in me wants to learn more. What can I write that would help reach others. At the same it, how can I improve my craft.

New Video/Song Performances

We are currently trying to add more video/song demos in order to showcase our material to potential gigs and our fanbase. Be sure and check back periodically as we will continue to update our page.

Mayfest and OKC Festival of the Arts Submissions

We have submitted applications to both festivals for 2013. Lisa E and Mista B previously played Mayfest in 2010 and 2011 and OKC Artsfest in 2011 and would love to show Oklahoma what Rhythm Report can do.

Building Our ReverbNation Page

Hello Everyone, Lisa E and Mista B are currently working to update and complete our profile and page on ReverbNation . We want to increase our exposure in order to land some higher profile gigs around town. We have been honing our live performance skills while refining and fine tuning our songlist with a few recent gigs and are now looking forward to performing live more often.