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Getting moving

We've spent the last year putting together and revising new material in our studio. The tracks posted for free download are only two of what will be a 12 track album. They are also part of a free EP, White, which we'll hand out at shows for promotion.

The process has been longer than anticipated, as half of the band hold music degrees and higher-than-pop standards. Great care has been taken to orchestrate and re-orchestrate each component, rather than let a rough idea get published and polished. That creates a wide gap between us and the typical Detroit way of thinking, which is raw, raw, raw. To quote a popular 90's band by name, "Pop will eat itself."

Our first show since 09, and hopefully the first in a string will be at our local Rack & Roll, in Riverview MI. It was chosen for its location and excellent sound system, which is very rare in these parts, south of Detroit. Call it "off Broadway". Anyway, it's intentional. We hope to see you there.