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Since their formation nearly a decade ago, America's New England-based heavy metal warriors SORROWSEED have melted skulls from coast to coast, with a melodic extreme metal sound that has earned them the respect - and fear - of every music aficionado to encounter them. Now, SORROWSEED is prepared to unleash full metal mayhem across the border, with their first-ever tour of Canada. Be witness to history, as Sorrowseed leads the Great White North on a journey into the depths of darkness!

Thu, March 17: Pirahna Bar – 680 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1C2 (Supporting ÉOHUM's EP Release) https://www.facebook.com/events/1179987338693267/ by Dungeon Works Productions

Fri, March 18: Cafe Dekcuf - 221 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5X8 https://www.facebook.com/events/108746852846696/ by Hellstorm Productions

Sat, March 19: Studio 35 motel Iberville -354 rue Adrien Fontaine, Iberville, Quebec J2X 5M5 https://www.facebook.com/events/216937805313073/ by Hellstorn Productions

More information can be found at: http://www.reverbnation.com/Sorrowseed http://www.facebook.com/Sorrowseed

Interview or further information requests may be sent to Sorrowseed@gmail.com


Greetings, creatures of the night. Been a long time since we've done one of these big update posts, but we've got a lot to talk about, so it's justified. First things first, thank you to everyone who has bought and enjoyed "Nemesis Engine" over the past year. It's kind of crazy to think that it's been almost a year since we released that record, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and so we have no further (fitting) words beyond "thank you" and "you are all awesome". Now that we've got that out of the way, onto the announcements. We've got two shows lined up for this summer/early-fall that we can reveal all the details about right now. The first one will be at Dusk in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, August 23rd. We will be playing that show with The Fateful Hour and our old friends in Hemlok. Providence has been something of a second home for us the past few years, having played over half a dozen shows at Dusk and Simon's since our reformation, and we've made a lot of great friends in that city. We expect this to be no different. https://www.facebook.com/events/288275468019349/?ref=br_tf The other, even bigger, show will be a headliner at Ralph's in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday, September 27th, a show we have dubbed "A Night of Pure Extremity". Featured on this bill will be Morte and Prometheus's doom metal band Blacksoul Seraphim, the always entertaining Nocuous, and our even older friends in Forevers' Fallen Grace. We last played with them at our CD release show last year, and we've been developing separation anxiety from us two not being on the same show for so long. If you want to purchase a ticket in advance, head on over to BrownPaperTickets.com and get on it. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/733896 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524664074420508&ref=70 We've also got a BOSTON show in the works. We can't reveal all the details about it yet, but we are in negotiations to play a major festival in the middle of September. How major is this festival, you ask? Try 60,000 people major. Yes, you read that right. Sixty THOUSAND. A six followed by four zeroes. Not even we can believe it, and we've been waiting to play this one for a long time. It brings us much happiness to be able to announce this soon - and if you think you have an inkling of what it is... you're probably right. Let's just say it's going to be one hazy and spectacular celebration. More details as soon as we've got them. We also have a brand new music video in production right now. It will be for the song "Stygian Athenaeum" off the Nemesis Engine record. You may have seen the behind the scenes photos from the shoot that we posted on our Facebook page, but we shot the performance sections of the video at the end of June in Clinton, Massachusetts with Robert Fitz (director on God of Vampires, makeup on American Hustle, R.I.P.D., and The Fighter). The video should be ready for release in the near future, and, like before, you will know when we know. That's about it really. We hope that you found excitement in these show announcements, particularly the last one, and we hope to see you there. Remember to keep sharing our Facebook and ReverbNation pages with your friends, significant others, mistresses, their mistresses, and anybody else you think would find our material enjoyable. Until next time. -Sorrowseed (Lilith Astaroth, Morte McAdaver, Prometheus B. Subrick)

Announcing our Second Album - Nemesis Engine

Boston, MA – After nearly two years of work, Sorrowseed, New England’s premier female fronted extreme metal band, have announced the release date, track list, and artwork for their second full length studio release, Nemesis Engine. The album will be released on October 31st, Halloween day, of this year for both physical and digital distribution by CD Baby and on iTunes & Bandcamp. The album was recorded in Williamsburg, Massachusetts by Clay Neely (Black Pyramid) and mixed & mastered in Mastic, New York by Dan Malloy (Cradle of Filth, World Under Blood, System Divide, et al.)

This will be the first album by the band to feature new drummer Prometheus B. Subrick (Rick Lowell of Blacksoul Seraphim), who joined the band in January 2012. The album will also feature a variety of guest guitar soloists, including current live guitarist for the band Eric Pellegrini, Chris Adamcek, Funeris of Sin Origin, and, most notably, Andy LaRocque of King Diamond. The album’s artwork was created by Doyle Daigle II (Hildor Anduv of Dethlehem).

The release show for Nemesis Engine will take place on Wednesday, October 30th at the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy, Massachusetts. The band will perform a special set consisting of the entire new album, followed by familiar live staples from their first album, the 2CD double record The Extinction Prophecies. Also featured on this show will be fellow New England bands Scourge, Forevers’ Fallen Grace, and Devil’s Feedback (featuring Justin Sane of Joint Damage).

1. Phylactery 2. Arcana (of the Lich Queen) 3. Nemesis Engine 4. The Sepulcher Legionnaires (featuring Andy LaRocque of King Diamond) 5. Scourge of the Hierophant 6. Divine Submission 7. Corpse Colossus 8. Stygian Athenaeum 9. Artillery Ghosts 10. The Apostle Thrall 11. Necropolis March

Sorrowseed’s debut album, the aforementioned The Extinction Prophecies, was released in March 2011. Remixed and remastered editions of both discs were released simultaneously on December 21st, 2012.



New England's frontier female-fronted extreme metal band SORROWSEED has announced their second US tour. Starting in March, the blistering 5-piece will be traveling along the Northeast region of the US, on the 2nd annual "Damsels of Darkness" tour. Fans can find tour information on the band’s website, www.sorrowseed.com. "Damsels of Darkness" exclusively features female-fronted rock and metal bands from all over the Northeastern United States. In addition to the DoD Tour dates, SORROWSEED has scheduled one home appearance - a show at PA's Lounge in Somerville MA, supported by Virus Cycle, Fiends of a New Republic, and Deadfall.

Joining SORROWSEED for this tour will be extreme metal shredder Eric Pellegrini on lead guitar. SORROWSEED is a melodic black metal band based in Massachusetts, formed in 2009, with one current studio album entitled “The Extinction Prophecies”. Along with this album’s songs, SORROWSEED will be including new songs from their upcoming studio album "Nemesis Engine" as a preview of the much-anticipated new material.


3/9/13 - Trenton, NJ - CHAMPIONSHIP BAR 3/22/13 - Allentown, PA - THE STERLING 4/6/13 - Wilmington, DE (MOJOFEST - DAY 1) 4/7/13 - Wilmington, DE (MOJOFEST - DAY 2) 4/19/13 - Somerville, MA - PA'S LOUNGE (Non-DoD) 4/20/13 - Philadelphia, PA - REBEL ROCK BAR 5/4/13 - Pittson, PA - NEPA VALLEY (CINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATION)

Visit www.sorrowseed.com and www.facebook.com/sorrowseed for more information, as well as individual event pages.

A new interview with Sorrowseed frontwoman Lilith Astaroth

A new interview with Sorrowseed frontwoman Lilith Astaroth




On this day of foretold apocalyptic doom, 12/21/12, THE EXTINCTION PROPHECIES are unveiled.

The re-release of Sorrowseed's double-disc album with untold relics and harrowing shrieks of terror, has emerged.

Available for digital download HERE: http://cdbaby.com/cd/sorrowseed2 http://cdbaby.com/cd/sorrowseed3

Free streaming previews at:

http://reverbnation.com/sorrowseed http://www.last.fm/music/Sorrowseed

Yours to Devour at will.



This October Sorrowseed embark upon their first tour, hitting states all over New England.

THE UNHALLOWED REAPING TOUR Many of these shows are HALLOWEEN celebrations, and we hope to see as many of you as possible to support us on our first tour!

THU 10/25 - THE WEBSTER - Hartford CT FRI 10/26 - MILLY'S TAVERN - Manchester NH SAT 10/27 - MANIAC LOUNGE - Smithfield RI SUN 10/28 - MADDY'S LOUNGE - Saugus MA MON 10/29 - JR'S BAR - Philadelphia PA WED 10/31 - DUSK - Providence RI -- Celebrate HALLOWEEN and Lilith's Birthday with us

More details are found on:

www.sorrowseed.com www.facebook.com/sorrowseed666

We are looking forward to melting some faces this October!!


New Album Title + Kickstarter For Tour...

Hello, true believers. Prometheus here with a couple of somewhat important topics to tell you all about. Firstly, we have decided upon a title for the new Sorrowseed album! The album will be entitled "Nemesis Engine". When the album will be released is a different matter, as there is still a lot to be written and recorded and whatnot. A tracklist will be made available however once all the songs have been given a proper title.

Secondly, we are going on tour this October! However, we are in need of the funds to do so! Hence why we have created a Kickstarter page, so all you fine people out there can contribute to the cause in exchange for fabulous prizes! So do indeed pledge us your dollars! It's certainly a better cause to send money to than anything involving a church.


That will be all for now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled boring lives.


Greetings mortals!!

We have TWO upcoming show dates this month -

MAY 14th - Poughkeepsie, NY - with BLACK ANVIL AND FUCKING WATAIN!!!! Our biggest show to date!!

MAY 17th - Providence, RI - with ABSYTHNE and The Ghost of Otis - Our first RI show with some of our awesome friends

Log on and visit the page for more details. We hope to see you there. \m/

ALSO: Make sure you have connected with us on Facebook - we post frequently there: http://facebook.com/sorrowseed666

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~Lilith Astaroth www.sorrowseed.com www.twitter.com/sorrowseed

Sorrowseed Returns in 2012.

Attention, seedlings and doom junkies! I, Morte McAdaver, am pleased and elated to announce that, after much turmoil, culling, and rumination, the unholy order of Sorrowseed is being reinstated. With our resurrection will come a new cabal of loyal doomsday soldiers and hierophants. Together, we will continue to spread the gospel of the Extinction Prophecies, and many other vile visions and forbidden musical arcana to come. We look forward to gracing your mortal ears again on stage.

Whatever you may have heard about us never returning, consider it null, void, and utterly erroneous. Pay no heed to the heretics and detractors. Maestro Morte McAdaver has deemed Sorrowseed reborn, and Lilith Astaroth, Shadow Khayoss of Theogonia, Subrick, Thomas Cyranowski, and Rob Broderick have joined forces to make this reunion possible. We have returned to cast our dirges and symphonic spells in 2012 and beyond. Rejoice, mortals!

Be forewarned: this page will be undergoing some changes, including a different lineup.