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Life Always Throws a Curve......

Life Always Throws a Curve.. Its just the way you swing at it that makes the difference. by Tyrone Cash Dobbins on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 2:45pm

Good News & Bad News.. Bad news first.. I declined the contract for the shows with Universal. Only reason being, BAD BUSINESS! Point blank Im better than what they offering.. too many ifs involved. Which lead me to the good news.. I just signed the contract to play @ the world famous WHISKEY A GO-GO June 20th located on the sunset strip!! Me & The Goondox are in the building along with other artists around California! and I have FREE tickets for anyone who wants to go!! I believe GOOD things can happen.. I chase my dreams with reckless abandon.. I advise you do the same. #THINK&GROW RICH!! GET @ ME!! DOXorNOTHIN!!