Thanks (Rips)

Thank you to Ravager, One Body Too Many, and Talk to Sheep for playing a great show with us Saturday night at Rips. All bands brought in a great crowd and brought the house down. Thank you, Paintbrush, for manning the door and thanks to Rips for providing a venue (FINALLY) in Central Phoenix for a good metal show. We hope to do it again every couple of months so keep your eyes/ears peeled.

Thanks (Jugheads)

Thanks to everyone who came and checked us out last Saturday (July 24th) at Jugheads. Though we were only a guest band for the Battle of the Bands, we had a blast. It was the best show we've had in a while and the new singer's fitting in real well. Thanks to Amber, Sassy, and Squiz from Twisted Musik Productions for fitting us in on Tonya's last night with Jugheads. The crowd was rowdy, the sweat was flyin', shirts were lost (none of the girls' shirts, go figure) we had an awesome time and hope we have as much fun at our next show...